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Our Mission, Their Story:

AJAC is an industry-driven, statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit apprenticeship service provider organization founded on the belief that skill proficiency occurs on the job. Through apprenticeship preparation, youth apprenticeship and adult apprenticeship, individuals have the opportunity to earn competitive wages, find meaningful work, and pursue lifelong learning.

The Impact of Your Donation:

As a non-profit, we partner with a variety of private and public funders to deliver high-quality apprenticeship training to frontline workers, job seekers, and young adults seeking family-supporting jobs and rewarding careers. Your tax-deductible donation contributes critical resources which allow us to fulfill our mission and provide high-quality training to the advanced manufacturing industry and communities across Washington State.

Our Footprint

Manufacturing Academy (Apprenticeship Preparation)

AJAC’s apprenticeship preparation program, Manufacturing Academy, is a 10-week hands-on training from industry professionals introducing key skills needed for several industry occupations such as machining, metal fabrication, composites and assembly, and includes opportunities to develop communication, resume writing, interviewing and job application assistance. MA completers are prepared for entry-level advanced manufacturing jobs, and have advanced standing for AJAC apprenticeship programs.

Youth Apprenticeship

AJAC’s youth apprenticeship programs allow high school aged youth 16 years and older an opportunity to participate in the Production Technician or the Maintenance/Automation Technician registered apprenticeship program while progressing towards their high school graduation, earning up to 15 college credits, receiving up to 2,000 hours structured on-the-job training with an industry expert and earning up to $28K in wages at a local aerospace or manufacturing company.  Youth apprentices have the opportunity to continue in an advanced apprenticeship program or another post-secondary pathway upon completion.

Adult Apprenticeship

AJAC offers registered apprenticeship training at over 350 companies for for middle and high skill occupations in the advanced manufacturing industry, at over 350 companies.  AJAC partners with 12 community college campuses who provide credit to the classroom portion of training and share facilities. Programs range from 1.5 to 5 years in length, and include up to 15 college credits per year at a 50% reduced tuition rate. AJAC employs over 60 part-time instructors from industry to teach apprenticeship classes and provides these industry experts with ongoing professional development opportunities to ensure a high quality classroom experience.

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