What is a Precision Metal Fabricator?

A precision metal fabricator cuts, bends, forms and assembles precise metal parts. Like piecing together a puzzle, the fabricator produces specialized components at very high tolerances, for products such as medical devices and aerospace parts.

Precision Metal Fabricators:

  • Read blue print drawings to know how to correctly cut, bend, form and assemble the metal part
  • Calculate dimensions and tolerances using math and instruments such as micrometers and calipers
  • Fabricate the part using machine tools such as punch press, press brakes, saws, bending and forming tools, shapers or grinders
  • Set up and program high-tech cutting machines to make the part
  • Measure, examine and test completed parts to ensure it matches the specifications

Precision Metal Fabricator: Program Outline


A long-term career with a good salary, job advancement opportunities and the chance to work with your hands and cutting edge technology.

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