Get the Skills Employers Require with Pre-Apprenticeship Training

The Manufacturing Academy (MA), sponsored by the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) offers a solid foundational career pathway into aerospace and advanced manufacturing apprenticeship opportunities. This 10 week, no-cost*, recognized pre-apprenticeship program is currently offered online. All Washington residents are encouraged to apply and enroll in the online program.  

Manufacturing Academy students will learn both soft skills and technical skills to include but not limited to applied math, blueprint reading, interview techniques, and industry tours with AJAC partnering companies.

Upon completion, students will have the basic foundational skills to find gainful entry-level employment through networking opportunities with AJAC’s 300+ local partnering employers. Graduates may meet the minimum qualifications to pursue additional career pathways in advanced manufacturing through AJAC’s portfolio of apprenticeship programs.

*Manufacturing Academy students can receive training at no-cost depending on the training location and grant funding. Please speak with your Manufacturing Academy navigator to qualify for no-cost training. 

No-Cost Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this no-cost training, you must receive unemployment payments, food stamps, and other government entitlements and benefits. Examples include: TANF, BFET, SNAP or recently have left the military. Applicants who do not meet the no-cost eligibility requirements may pay out-of-pocket to enroll.

Develop Skills. Earn Certifications.

Program Locations & Start Dates

Note: To become a Manufacturing Academy student, you must attend a mandatory orientation. For the Winter 2021 Cohort, class and orientation will be held online.  

King County In-Person Cohort:

  • Structure of Program: In-Person Classroom Offered for Winter 2022
  • Class Requirement: Eligible for Funding via partnering organization or WRT funds (submit an application to learn if you are eligible)
  • Orientation Date: Winter cohort will meet in person and complete an orientation first day of class.
  • Class Start Date: January 5, 2022 – March 23, 2022 | 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Length of Program: 10 Weeks (Monday – Friday)
  • Location: Green River College—Kent Station (417 Ramsay Way Kent, WA 98032)

Online/Virtual Statewide Cohort:

  • Structure of Program: Online/ Virtual Classroom for Winter 2022
  • Class Requirement: Reliable Internet Access, Laptop/Personal Computer, and Eligible for Workforce Funding (submit an application to see if you are eligible)
  • Orientation Date: Winter online cohort will complete orientation online day 1 of class (AJAC will contact you to schedule an online orientation).
  • Class Start Date: January 5, 2022 – March 23, 2022 11, 2021 | 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Length of Program: 10 Weeks (Monday – Friday)

Yakima Cohort:

  • Structure of Program: In-Person for Winter 2022
  • Class Requirement: Eligible for Workforce Funding
  • Class Start Date: January 5, 2022 – March 23, 2022 11, 2021 | 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Length of Program: 11 Weeks (Monday – Friday)

With the Manufacturing Academy, you will:

  • Develop skills to succeed in the industry including:
    • Math for manufacturing
    • Blueprint reading
    • Lean manufacturing
    • Effective communication, resume writing, interviewing and job application assistance
  • Receive training from industry professionals
  • Earn college credits
  • Obtain insight about career pathways; including education and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Tour local advanced manufacturing companies (pending company approval)

Your Pathway into the Skilled Trades:

  1. Complete an online application
  2. After application is processed, a navigator will contact you within 2 business days to secure your spot at the next orientation
  3. Complete mandatory orientation paperwork supplied by navigator
  4. Enroll in the Manufacturing Academy
  5. Attend class, learn and pass quizzes
  6. Earn industry certifications and certificate of completion

Apply Today

Online Job Search Club

All former Manufacturing Academy graduates are encouraged to enroll.

This is a free 4 session (plus a bonus session) workshop open to all Manufacturing Academy Students and Graduates.  The Job Search Club is designed to facilitate getting employed.  Almost all attendees of previous session have been interviewing or have been offered employment.

Sessions will be held online and led by Manufacturing Academy Instructors. Students may request one-on-one sessions during the month of January if AJAC’s designated time does not work with their schedule.

  • Session 1 | Tuesday, January 11, 2022 (1pm – 3pm)
  • Session 2 | Wednesday, January 12, 2022 (1pm – 3pm)
  • Session 3 | Tuesday, January 18, 2022 (1pm – 3pm)
  • Session 4 | Wednesday, January 19, 2022 (1pm – 3pm)
  • Session 5 | Tuesday, January 25, 2022 (1pm – 3pm)

Job Search Sessions are designed to:

  • Allow students the opportunity to have guided job-searches demonstrated, as well as, the opportunity to have their current job searching skills critiqued.
  • Offer each member tips for improvement, discussing which resumes and cover letters seem the most effective and why.
  • Provide participants virtual tours and instructor-guided virtual job fairs and job searches, as well as, demonstrate how to navigate and utilize business social media platforms to increase hire-ability.
  • Discuss job opportunities with business developers, employee/employer expectations, awareness of advanced manufacturing opportunities, and meet employers when possible.
  • Link you with local social service supports.
  • Instill in you the ability to articulate your skills, capabilities and career goals when meeting with potential employers.

Sign up by contacting Priscilla Johnson at

In your email include your full name, and what quarter and year you graduated.

Student Spotlight: Trudie Dole

She was ready for a fresh start, now she’s got a fresh career | Renton Reporter

Trudie Dole Connect to training – and employers hungry for new talent – in advanced manufacturing For Trudie Dole, the pandemic has a silver lining. She’d been interested in the AJAC Manufacturing Academy for over a year, but as a single mother of four it was hard to fit the classes into her schedule.

Questions? Email us:

“I work for Avenue5 residential in downtown Seattle in their maintenance engineering department. The only reason I was able to be in this position was because of the certification and knowledge I received with AJAC. It’s through the diligence of individuals at AJAC that gave me the opportunity to succeed in life in a way that has escaped me years before.”

– Manufacturing Academy Graduate

“The quality of instructors that we had was second to none. It was a great dynamic approach; you get people that have years and years of experience in their specific fields, and it was absolutely fabulous. I would highly recommend this to anybody looking to change careers or further their career in manufacturing. This program is specifically for aerospace manufacturing and will open a lot of doors for entry-level work.”

– Manufacturing Academy Graduate

“Before I entered the Manufacturing Academy, I had been unemployed for two years. I was in transitional housing with my teenage daughter after losing my house to foreclosure. I felt lost, with no direction. The Manufacturing Academy helped me in so many ways. The subjects covered were relevant in finding a job and because of the instruction, I had the confidence to get the job I currently have. It gave me the tools I needed to be effective in my search for employment, and gave me relevant experience that companies would find attractive. I recommend it for anyone who needs help finding a job.”

– Manufacturing Academy Graduate


AJAC’s mission is to provide exceptional and responsive apprenticeships, innovative supporting signature training with cutting-edge curriculum and highly effective trade’s trainers. AJAC offers a method for transferring the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills between generations of the workforce, thus promoting the value of contributing to the next generation.

Training of apprentices shall be without discrimination based on race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or as otherwise specified by law.  AJAC also encourages women, minorities and veterans to apply with their employer.

South Seattle College is committed to the concept and practice of equal opportunity for all its students, employees, and applicants in education, employment, services and contracts, and does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity, color, age, national origin, religion, marital status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or disabled veteran status, political affiliation or belief, citizenship/status as a lawfully admitted immigrant authorized to work in the United States, or presence of any physical, sensory, or mental disability, except where a disability may impede performance at an acceptable level. In addition, reasonable accommodations will be made for known physical or mental limitations for all otherwise qualified persons with disabilities.

Video Attribution: A special thanks to Seattle College Cable TV for providing AJAC with footage of the Manufacturing Academy program.