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Training Agent and Apprentice Recruitment
Fall 2009 Apprenticeship Programs
Program Notes
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  • Over 20 Employers turned Training Agents
  • 2 Programs starting Fall 2009
    • Aircraft Mechanics Program (Everett)
    • Machining (Tacoma)
  • 3 Programs starting Winter 2010
    • Aircraft Interiors (Everett)
    • Machining (Seattle)
    • Machining (Everett)
  • New Eastern Washington office
  • Work place variance approved for high school student internship placement
  • 3 Community and Technical Colleges agree to same machining curriculum
  • Returning National Guard people to be a part of kick-off Aircraft Mechanics Program
  • Training equipment purchased and delivered to training partners
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Training Agent (Employer) Recruitment

AJAC is proud to report over twenty new Registered Training Agents in our program. Through their partnership in aerospace focused apprenticeship programs, these companies lead the way for innovative training and moving the industry forward in Washington State!

One of AJAC's top priorities is to recruit employers as registered training agents.  AJAC has contracted with the Manufacturing Industrial Council (MIC) to assist in Western Washington and opened an office in Eastern Washington to further employer recruitment.  Kevin Quinn, a new member of the team, comes from Spokane and is dedicated to recruiting employers all throughout Eastern Washington. 

AJAC representatives have been seeking out employers, making cold calls, utilizing connections, meeting one-on-one and with groups of employers at job sites and at Community and Technical Colleges.
Given the economic downturn, this has been arduous work. Many employers have said their focus has been on keeping their businesses afloat rather than hiring, but see training a highly skilled aerospace workforce as a priority. Employer recruitment efforts are starting to pay off and we are beginning to hear from employers that business is picking up and more employers are registering as training agents.

Currently there are two options for employers wishing to support aerospace apprenticeships, but unable to hire at this time:

1. Register as a training agent and use an incumbent worker as an apprentice. This allows the employer to keep a valuable employee that they might otherwise need to let go.

2.  Register as a training agent and be on hold status until the economy improves. This option positions the employer for faster recovery time and access to apprentice candidates.   It also shows the Legislature that the aerospace industry is interested in apprenticeships as a way to build a highly skilled workforce in Washington, and that funding should be maintained for that purpose.

Apprentice Recruitment

AJAC is continually seeking ways to assist employers (Training Agents) in creating an apprenticeship program.  One method is through recruitment of apprentice candidates.  Employers who are hiring have access to a pool of apprentice candidates from AJAC or their own recruits. The Training Agents choose who they will hire. 

AJAC is working closely with the National Guard, Work Source, Community Colleges and Employment Services City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Conservation Corps to find a pool of applicants for the fall start programs.  AJAC created a Career Takeoff Program to teach candidates about the apprenticeship program and assist them in meeting all of the application requirements.  AJAC's commitment included ensuring  each candidate completed an assessment tool (measuring their math and reading skills) and the World of Work Inventory (WOWI) measuring their mechanical aptitude.
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Faced with an immediate need for highly-skilled workers with cutting edge knowledge, Aviation Technical Services (ATS) is the first to set in motion an Aircraft Mechanics Apprenticeship with AJAC.  The supplemental instruction training will be delivered by Everett Community College.  The apprentices are drawn from the community and the National Guard.  Classes are set to begin in October 2009.

AJAC is working with Bates Technical College to start the Machining Apprenticeship Program in September 2009.  This is a multi-employer program pulling apprentices from each shop to engage in the same classroom training.
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Apprenticeship is a significant piece of the aerospace infrastructure.  Aerospace industries in Washington need to ensure these skill sets are at the cutting edge and the envy of other communities. The next generation of aerospace workers is right here, in Washington. Apprenticeship is the link that keeps these skills alive.

Tacoma Machinist Apprenticeship Committee

The Tacoma Machinist Apprenticeship Committee joined with AJAC in April 2009. Since 1941, the employers working as training agents with the Tacoma Apprenticeship program have provided thousands of hours of training to workers and contributed to the growth of aerospace in Washington to make it what it is today. Thanks to Bennett Industries, JM McConkey Company, and Northwest Precision for continuing the legacy.


Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) Training Director Laura Hopkins (far left), Training Coordinator Bob Storrar (2nd from left), Program Specialist Andrea Anderson (2nd from right), and Jesse Cote (far right) AJAC Chairman were on hand to congratulate Bates Technical College Machinist Apprenticeship graduates at a ceremony May 15th, 2009 in Tacoma. These graduates represent the first class to complete their apprenticeship through the backing of AJAC.

Equipment Purchase Requests

In June 2009 AJAC procured much needed equipment for aerospace apprenticeship focused programs at a number of community and technical colleges throughout the state. In response to the equipment requests, an Equipment Purchase Request form was created to streamline the process. It will be made available on our website.

AJAC in Eastern Washington

AJAC has opened a new office in Spokane.  Kevin Quinn, a new member of the team, comes from Spokane and is dedicated to recruiting employers all throughout Eastern Washington.

AJAC main office has moved

Based on the Georgetown Campus of South Seattle Community College, AJAC moved from a one room office in Building C to a larger space in Building A. Our new address is: 6770 East Marginal Way South, Building A, Seattle WA 98108. This new space provides meeting and planning space and room for more than one desk.

Washington Aerospace Partnership

In support of protecting and expanding aerospace jobs, AJAC joined the Washington Aerospace Partnership. The Partnership consists of "a dynamic, diverse coalition of business and labor officials, civic and elected officials and private citizens" that is working to grow aerospace industry jobs in Washington.

Aerospace Council

AJAC is working hard to make sure that apprenticeship programs are a part of the Aerospace Council's plan for training solutions in Washington State.  Laura Hopkins, Training Director, presented AJAC's role to the Aerospace Council's Training Sub-Committee and is involved in the planning process with the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. 

Wage rate clarification

Given that AJAC is an apprenticeship program that supports apprentices in both labor and non-labor shops, wage rates listed in the AJAC standards were developed and agreed upon by both sides. The wage listed represents the journey-level wage that the apprentice would earn when he or she completes their program. Most occupations start at approximately 56% of the journey-level wage.
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Develop, implement and maintain thriving aerospace apprenticeship programs for the purpose of creating a pool of highly skilled aerospace workers and connecting employers and work seekers of Washington State. Our goals include but are not limited to:

Articulate with industry certification and college degrees when possible.

Determine program location and occupations based on industry needs

Develop and maintain long term sustainable funding structures

Utilize innovative training and technology

Create efficient and effective training systems that evolve with the needs of the industry

Measure results

Increase diversity of the workforce

Be an integral part of Washington State's workforce development

Internally promote a thriving, respectful, and collaborative work environment
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