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Spring 2013  

Working with employers to create apprenticeship programs to develop the next generation of highly skilled aerospace and advanced manufacturing workers for Washington State.  

In This Issue
Four AJAC Apprentices Graduate from Machining Program
AJAC's Executive Director Presents on Workforce Development and Pre-Employment Training at the NAWB Forum in Washington DC
AJAC Announces Redesigned Website
AJAC Launches New Apprenticeship Programs in Arlington and Seattle
Three Classes Graduate from Manufacturing Academy
AJAC Outreaches to Students and Jobseekers at Career Fairs
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Congratulations to AJAC's 2013 Graduated Apprentices

Congratulations to the four AJAC apprentices who graduated on May 3, 2013 from the machining (aircraft-oriented) apprenticeship program! These apprentices are the future of aerospace and now have the skills they need to be successful in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.      



Congratulations to:
    • Carl Craig
    • Greg Bouknight
    • Jarrett Gilmore
    • Sergey Pinkevich

AJAC's Executive Director Presents on Workforce Development and Pre-Employment Training at the NAWB Forum in Washington DC

On March 10-11, 2013 AJAC's Executive Director, Laura Hopkins, presented at the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) Forum at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC.   Hopkins along with Linda Nguyen CEO of Workforce Central, and John Ladd, Administrator at the Office of Apprenticeship, USDOIL/ETA were selected to speak at this forum on:
  • The Manufacturing Academy - A 10 week pre-employment training program and
  • How Workforce Development Councils and Registered Apprenticeships can partner together. 

In addition, Eric Hahn, Vice President of Organizational Development at General Plastics Manufacturing was invited to provide an employer perspective.


The NAWB Forum, titled "Dialogue for Workforce Excellence," featured workshops that addressed critical issues facing our nation and the workforce development system.  The following organizations were invited to submit proposals: Workforce Investment Boards, workforce practitioners and one-stop staff, youth councils, policy makers, research and advocacy organizations, industry trade associations, and employer groups, as well as education and economic development partners.  The purpose of these proposals was to demonstrate effective ways to develop human talent through education, preparation and training, matching and retention. 


As a follow-up to the NAWB Forum, Hopkins was invited to speak on

a panel during the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee meeting on March 13, 2013. During this meeting, workforce development leaders and U.S. Senators came together to discuss best practices in crafting effective public-private partnerships to train Americans for jobs that sustain our nation's middleclass. The panel gave Hopkins, along with other Workforce Development experts, an opportunity to report on their findings from the NAWB forum and discuss the best models for job training programs.  



AJAC Announces Redesigned Website

The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) is excited to announce the launch of its redesigned website,! On this new site, you can explore many aspects of AJAC's apprenticeship program including an entire section dedicated to future apprentices and another section for aerospace and manufacturing employers.  


In the employer section you will find information about:

The apprentice section provides information for students and future apprentices about:

AJAC welcomes you to explore the redesigned website and check out all the new videos and content including our Women and Diversity Section where you will find stories and resources featuring on and women in the aerospace and manufacturing trades from the past and present .
AJAC Launches New Apprenticeship Programs in Arlington and Seattle  

The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) is rapidly expanding their apprenticeship programs throughout Washington State with a new machining program now offered in Arlington and an aircraft mechanic airframe program in Seattle. This is AJAC's second machining apprenticeship program in Snohomish County and first aircraft mechanic airframe apprenticeship in King County.  


During the Arlington Machining Apprenticeship Program, apprentices attend classes at Arlington High School's remodeled machine shop and earn college credit through Everett Community College (EVCC). In Seattle, aircraft mechanic apprentices take classes and earn college credit at South Seattle Community College.  


AJAC's machining programs are taught to aircraft-oriented precision levels and give apprentices the opportunity to learn and enhance their knowledge of a variety of skills. These skills include: Math; CNC Technology; CAD/CAM; Inspection; Metallurgy and Advanced Materials; Cutting Tools; Conventional and Advanced Machining; and Print Reading. Apprentices are also introduced to other cutting-edge technologies, such as Waterjet and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). AJAC machining Apprentices earn their Journey-Level Certificate and have the necessary knowledge and skill to be a successful machinist in the aerospace and advanced manufacturing industry.


AJAC's aircraft mechanic airframe programs are taught to FAA regulations and give apprentices the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of a variety of aircraft mechanic skills. These skills include:  Inspection, Airframe Structures, Control Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Electrical Aircraft Drawings, Aircraft Finishes, Advanced Composites and more! Upon graduation, AJAC's aircraft mechanic apprentice meet the FAA's 18 month experience requirements and are eligible to apply for permission to test for their Airframe Certificate and/or Rating (8610-2).


In addition to aircraft mechanics and machining, AJAC has designed and implemented apprenticeship programs for precision metal fabrication and is currently developing programs for additional aerospace and advanced manufacturing occupations. Other AJAC program locations include: Spokane, Franklin, Pierce and Yakima counties.


To start an AJAC Apprenticeship Program at your company or for more information about AJAC machining and aircraft mechanic airframe apprenticeships, contact Joe Hauth, AJAC Program Developer, at 206-465-2342 or




Advanced Inspection and Manufacturing Mobile Training Unit (AIM-MTU)
Advanced Inspection and Manufacturing Mobile Training Unit (AIM-MTU)

Sign up your employees now to get trained in Advanced Inspection and Manufacturing without stopping production on your shop floor with AJAC's Advanced Inspection and Manufacturing Mobile Training Unit (AIM-MTU). The  AIM-MTU is a 53-foot classroom on wheels that offers state-of-the-art equipment combining training in design, production and inspection. The AIM-MTU  can travel anywhere in Washington State to your company, and train your employees on your schedule.   


Courses available include:

    • Modularized Math for Manufacturing 1, 2, and 3
    • Engineering Drawings  
    • ROMER Arm Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM)
    • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
    • G-Code Programming
    • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
    • 3D Scanner & Rapid Prototyper (Using SolidWorks)
    • And more! 


 Find out more about these courses and how the AIM-MTU can bring them to your company.

Three Classes Graduate From the Manufacturing Academy  

In April, 39 students graduated from the Manufacturing Academy, a 10-week pre-employment program created by the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) in partnership with WorkForce Central, local manufacturing employers and local community and technical colleges.  


This Manufacturing Academy training was split into three classes conducted at a Bates Technical College, Pioneer Human Services in Seattle and South Seattle Community College (Industrial Manufacturing Academy).


During this program, students gain industry related knowledge, skills and certifications necessary to fill entry level jobs in advanced manufacturing and/or aerospace industries. Skills include but are not limited to basic electricy, physics, applied manufacturing math, blueprint reading, welding and composites, with certification in forklift, flagger, OSHA, LEAN processes and First Aid.  Students earn up to 35 college credits, which may transfer to other community and technical college programs. 


Prior to the nine week technical training for the Bates Technical College class,  WorkForce Central partners with AJAC to provide the recruitment, assessment, screening, one week of soft skills training and an employer selection board. South Seattle Community College and Pioneer Human Services recruitment, selelction and soft skills training are done in-house. AJAC's partnership with Bates Technical College, South Seattle Community College and Pioneer Human Services allows students and instructors access to their machine shops and classroom facilities for the nine week technical training portion. 


The Manufacturing Academy provides students a pathway to enter into an apprenticeship or continue their education with Washington State local community and technical colleges while providing long-term employment and a career ladder for graduates to support the growing number of jobs in the aerospace and manufacturing industries.    


Congratulations to all the students who graduated with the skills, competencies and certifications necessary to be successful in the trades!


South Seattle Community College  

Industrial Manufacturing Academy Class


Bates Technical College
Manufacturing Academy Class



AJAC's Advanced Inspection and Manufacturing Mobile Training Unit (AIM-MTU)








             AIM-MTU Sponsorship

           Opportunities Available!


Sponsorship packages include a number of ways for your organization to gain exposure, such as:

  • Logo placement on:
    • The 53' AIM-MTU trailer
    • AIM-MTU marketing materials and web site
  • Invitation to events
  • Cross marketing opportunities 
  • Plus more!

To find out how you can become an AIM-MTU sponsor and get increased exposure for your company check out our sponsorship packages or contact Megan Fiess at 206-388-9336 or



AJAC Outreaches to Students and Job Seekers about the Value of Apprenticeship

This spring, AJAC hit the road and attended numerous college and career fairs in Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties. At these events, AJAC hosted informational booths and spoke with students and job seekers about apprenticeship and the exciting career opportunities available in aerospace and manufacturing industries. Career fairs AJAC attended include:  

  • Women Fly! Resource Fair   
  • Shoreline Career and Technical College Fair   
  • Greater Auburn Area Career Conference   
  • Washington Technology Student Association Conference   
  • Arlington High School In-Class Presentation   
  • Weston High School In-Class Presentation   
  • Marysville District Wide Opportunity Expo 2013
  • Bates Technical College Open House    
  • Ballard High School Career Fair  
  • Pizza Pop and Powertools 
  • Clover Park Technical College Career Conference & Aerospace Fair 
  • Washington Women in the Trades Career Fair   

Need Assistance Completing Your Airman Certificate and/or Rating (8610-2) Application? AJAC Can Help!


If you have 18+ months of documented practical experience maintaining aircraft, AJAC can advise you through the entire process of completing your Airman Certificate and/or Rating (8610-2) application, requesting permission from the FAA to test for:


  • Airframe certificate, or
  • Powerplant certificate, or   
  • Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) certificate

    AJAC can assist you by:  


  • Reviewing your documented practical experience required by 14 CRF Part 65.77
  • Creating an 8610-2 application package including all of your documented experience and on-the-job training (OJT) that you can take to the FAA for approval
  • Providing a recommendation letter from AJAC to the FAA in support of your  Airman Certificate (8610-2) and/or Rating (8610-2) application  
  • And more!
     Get FAA A&P test and application support from AJAC now!


    *AJAC cannot and does not guarantee FAA approval. The FAA is the only authority who can determine eligibility.  

    AJAC is Looking for Precision Metal Fabrication and Machining Instructors!  

    Share Your Knowldege and Skills with the Next Generation!


    The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) is currently recruiting:
    • Experienced PRECISION METAL FABRICATORS to teach Precision Metal Fabrication Apprenticeship classes    
    • Experienced JOURNEYLEVEL MACHINISTS to teach Machining Apprenticeship classes    

    Teaching opportunities are available in the following counties and areas:

      • South King County  

    Benefits include:

    • Competitive pay
    • Part-time/evening hours
    • Instructor training  
    • Opportunity to become an even more valuable resource to your industry

    If you are interested in passing along your knowledge to the next generation workforce while earning extra income, check out AJAC's Employment Opportunities page.

    AJAC Events Calendar

    June 18, 2013
    Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing Job Fair
    South Seattle Community College - Georgetown Campus C-110

    June 29, 2013

    Women Veterans Summit 2013

    Greater Tacoma Trade and Convention Center - Tacoma, WA

    July 17, 2013
    Pierce County Aerospace Summit
    Clover Park Technical College - Lakewood, WA 


    What AJAC Apprentices Are Saying:

    "...AJAC's program helped me turn my job into a career..."  Brian Helmbrecht - Machining Center Technician


    "...Because of this program, I now have a career, not just a job.  I'm learning skills I can use throughout my life that will help me stay competitive in my industry and make me an asset to my company..."  Miley Johnson - Sheet Metal Technician -Orion


     "...My initiative to participate in the program earned me an immediate promotion to part-time CNC programmer and draftsman, allowing me to expand my current knowledge in machining...My career has become more of a hobby to me than work."             Anthony Green - Machinist/Programming Apprentice
    Exact Aerospace  


    "The skills I've gained in the AJAC program through manufacturing basics and lean manufacturing has helped me improve my efficiency and problem solving abilities during production..."                  Dan Porter - Machinist  Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.   


    What AJAC Employers Are Saying:
    ANEW Trades Rotation Program AJAC

    "...The value this program will bring us is long-term retention of well qualified, trained and certified employees..."
    Jeff Tomson -  Engineer/Marketing   Machinist, Inc.    


    "...This program can take someone with basic skills, and turn him or her into an invaluable employee and a vital asset to our company. As we expand and grow as a company, this program should also help us attract better qualified entry level candidates."                           Kerry Prewett - President
     TK Machine Co.  


     "Our Production Manager stated that this group of graduates has raised the bar. The quality of these three graduating machinists is superior to what we've experienced in the past."                    Janie Pierce, Director of Human Resource- Precision Machine Works, Inc.    

    "The value I believe the AJAC apprenticeship program provides to Damar AeroSystems is the ability to upgrade the skills of our workforce and therefore create better educated and trained employees..."   

    Sharon Black - Human Resources Manager  -Damar AeroSystems    

    Quick Links
    PNAA Logo
    The AJAC Mission:

    AJAC's Mission is to provide exceptional and responsive apprenticeships, innovative supporting signature training programs with cutting edge curriculum and highly effective trades trainers.   

    AJAC offers a method for transferring the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills between generations of the workforce, thus promoting the value of contributing to the next generation. 

    AJAC brings about a significant and lasting impact on the prosperity of Washington State, empowering its diverse population of residents to thrive as craftspeople and attain secure family wage jobs through: 

    • Dynamic career and educational pathways
    • Corresponding wrap around support services
    • Smooth pipelines connecting employers with the next generation of workers and  where preschool and K-12 students and their influencers see aerospace opportunities as viable career path options
    • Advocating for recognition and financial support of training in aerospace and manufacturing
    • Expanding the diversity of people entering the trades
    • Exploring opportunities for growth and collaborating with partners to form comprehensive solutions