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Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee Newsletter
Winter 2011

Working with employers to develop the next generation of highly skilled advanced manufacturing workers for Washington State.

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AJAC is Looking for Machining Instructors!
AJAC to Unveil Mobile Training Unit
Fighting 147s Aviation Maintenance technicians Schools (AMTS) Curriculum is Moving Forward
Employer Incentives for Hiring Registered Apprentices = Tax Credit
AJAC Partners with South Seattle Community College to Offer Opportunity to Upgrade Two Year Technical Degree
AJAC Continues to Partner with Other Organizations to Offer Pre-Employment Training
AJAC Launched Two New Machining Programs
Events Calendar
AJAC Mission
Become a Fan of AJAC on Facebook and YouTube
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AJAC is Looking for Machining Instructors!

Share Your Knowldege and Skills with the Next Generation!

The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) is currently recruiting experienced MACHINISTS to teach aircraft-oriented machining apprenticeship classes in:
  • Seattle
  • Everett
  • Tacoma
  • Spokane

Benefits include:

  • Competitive pay
  • Part-time/evening hours
  • Instructor training (No prior teaching experience is necessary!)
  • Opportunity to become an even more valuable resource to your   industry

If you are interested in passing on your machining knowledge to the next generation while earning extra income or know someone who is, contact Andrea Anderson, AJAC Program Manager at 206-764-5301 or LVanDyke@ajactraining.org.  


AJAC to Unveil Mobile Training Unit
  MTU Truck
This spring, AJAC will unveil the Advanced Inspection and Manufacturing Mobile Training Unit (AIM-MTU) and take its training on the road.  This 53' classroom on wheels will travel across Washington State to provide hands-on apprenticeship and short-term training to the next generation of tradespeople.  The AIM-MTU will visit employer worksites, community/technical colleges, training centers and K-12 schools.  

AJAC developed the AIM-MTU in collaboration with industry and educators in order to offer training throughout the entire machining process across the state, including: product design, programming, testing, setup, machining, inspection and reporting.  This training will be taught by highly skilled instructors using 'Advanced Inspection and Manufacturing' curriculum and state-of-the-art equipment/technology, such as:
  • Computerized training stations - CAD, CAM and HAAS Simulators
  • Advanced Metrology Lab
  • 3-D Prototype Technology
  • CMM
The AIM-MTU will provide training in a number of industry sectors and accommodate employers in a variety of ways.
  • Education and training in the aerospace, medical manufacturing, marine and automotive industries plus many others
  • Specialized trainings for individual worksites, including training journey-level workers to be on-site trainers 
  • Flexibility to visit worksites for whatever time is needed 
  • Ability to train employees inside the AIM-MTU while regular work  takes place on machinery at the worksite
  • Training on equipment not available at company worksite  
  • Accommodation of a large group or just one or two employees

Mike Fitzpatrick (manufacturing instructor, author and consultant) summed up the value and benefits of the AIM-MTU, by stating,

"Beyond buying the metrology equipment needed at the application point, the greatest need is for worker training. But that takes a shop's equipment offline. In the mobile training unit, not only can you teach today's methods, CMMs and smart height gages, but use new technology such as, a scanning microscope and a measuring arm! In fact it's a complete integrated factory.  Start at the front and train your people to create solid models using Solid-Works and Mastercam X5 , then test the code on the HAAS CNC simulators. Then the worker makes the part on the prototype printer and inspects it in the back half of the unit using the universal language PC-DMIS software."

If you are interested in finding out more about the AIM-MTU, visit our web site or contact AJAC at info@ajactraining.org or 206-764-7940.




for the AIM-MTU

are now Available!

Sponsorship packages include a number of ways for your organization to gain exposure, such as:
  • Logo placement on:
    • both sides of the 53' AIM-MTU trailer
    • AIM-MTU marketing materials and web site
  • Invitation to events
  • Cross marketing opportunities 
  • Plus more!
If you would like to begin marketing your organization through the AIM-MTU, check out our sponsorship packages or contact Lisa Van Dyke at lvandyke@ajactraining.org or 206-764-5832.

Fighting 147s Aviation Maintenance Technicians Schools (AMTS) Curriculum is Moving Forward
Fighting 147s InsigniaIn May and June 2010, Laura Hopkins, Executive Director of AJAC, led the Fighting 147s* (Washington State Aviation Maintenance Technicians Schools (AMTS) Development Force) through two multiday workshops to create one common integrated AMTS curriculum across Washington State. 

During these two workshops, Hopkins and the Fighting 147s:
  • Identified best practices
  • Established agreement over core classes and modules
  • Defined credits, degrees, transferability etc.
After these two meetings, AJAC delivered the common curriculum to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for review.  Since that initial delivery, AJAC and the Fighting 147s:
  • Made the FAA's first round of changes to the written documentation and are continuing to make any additional modifications deemed necessary
  • Are working to complete all the necessary processes required for implementation   

AJAC's ultimate goal for the integrated AMTS curriculum is to achieve both FAA and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certification in order to make Washington State the aerospace training center of the world.  Offering EASA certification in Washington State will enable Boeing and other US airplane manufacturers to train their employees to become aviation maintenance technicians in Washington State instead of Asia and Europe.  This will allow students trained in our state to work anywhere in the world and international students to train here. As a result, training dollars will remain in our state and out of state/country tuition will flow in, boosting the state's economy. 

To learn more about the Fighting 147s and how this development force is putting together the curriculum across all five schools, watch this video.

* The Fighting 147s is a consortium Hopkins created with representatives from AJAC, industry, the Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Materials Manufacturing and the five AMT community/technical colleges.

Employer Incentives for Hiring Registered Apprentices = Tax Credit
Dollar SignAJAC is working with Washington State to offer employers participating in a registered apprenticeship program a $5,000 (per apprentice) tax credit.  The goal of the proposed tax credit is to provide assistance in the form of an incentive to employers that hire registered apprentices at their site.  The tax credit is designed to help offset costs as businesses recover from the recent economic downturn.  It is also intended to reduce Unemployment Insurance (UI) spending and increase jobs through apprenticeship, sustaining the Washington State economy. 

Tax credit programs are succeeding in 15+ other states and many countries around the world.  In most states offering the tax credit, the sum of money is divided into payments.  The tax credit is a Single Business Tax Credit with money delivery in a bifurcating disbursement; first and foremost covering the costs of tuition and books.  The remaining balance is to be used as discretionary funds for wage-related costs including salary, fringe benefits and other payroll expenses. 

AJAC conducted a survey in October 2010 among Washington State manufacturing companies regarding tax credits and 71% claimed they would consider hiring one or more apprentices at their job site (while they would not have otherwise hired them) if a $5,000 tax credit incentive were available for each new apprentice hired.

Washington State legislators have shown interest in supporting apprenticeships in the manufacturing and industrial sector.  They recognize the need to support the trades and help their constituents re-enter the job market.   Despite the current budget constrictions, the need to help jumpstart the system so that it can return to its potential is now.  Legislation is currently being drafted, introduced, discussed and analyzed by policymakers in their Committees during the upcoming session. 

In order for a company to qualify for the tax credit program, the following requirements must be met:
  • The apprentice must be in a Washington State registered aerospace apprenticeship program 
  • The apprenticeship program must be 2,000 hours or more and provide an onsite mentor to the apprentice to ensure that they cross train and fulfill the requirements of the program
  • The apprentice must be employed full time.  Pre-apprentices are not counted as apprenticeships and are not eligible
AJAC Partners with South Seattle Community College to Offer Opportunity to Upgrade Two Year Technical Degree
Teach TechAJAC and South Seattle Community College (SSCC) are partnering to offer a Professional Technical Teacher Education Program, called Teach Tech.  The program will be conducted primarily online by a SSCC instructor with a few monthly meetings in the Seattle area.  Teach Tech will offer those with a two year technical degree, the opportunity to upgrade to a bachelor's degree in technical teaching and become a technical education instructor at the postsecondary level.  The program will typically last 15 months and upon completion, students will earn a Bachelor's of Applied Science (BAS) degree and a Washington Professional Technical Instructor's Certificate.  These achievements will give students the chance to become a professional technical educator at community and technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, government, proprietary and other adult training organizations. 

The program is designed for technical education instructors without a bachelor's degree, trades people who want to become a technical education instructor, or anyone working in the industry who is interested in sharing their knowledge and skills with the next generation.  Program prerequisites include two to five years of technical work experience and a Technical Associates Degree or equivalent.

Teach Tech will offer a variety of courses including, Principles of Adult Learning, Learning and Adapting New Technologies, Course Design, Instructional Methods, etc.

In addition to the convenience Teach Tech will provide by being primarily online and only 15 months long, the program will also benefit students by offering scholarships, collaboration opportunities with other students and the chance to earn up to 20 credits towards their degree for technical work experience and/or teaching experience.

According to Dr. Malcolm Grothe, Teach Tech Coordinator,

"Washington State is forecasting that over the next several years it is going to have a great need for nearly 200 postsecondary teachers per year, so Teach Tech is going to be a tremendous asset to not only those who are looking to quickly articulate their two year technical degree into a four year degree and become a tech. ed. instructor, but to industry and the educational institutions that will be searching for those qualified people."

If you are interested in upgrading your degree from a two year technical degree to a bachelor's degree in technical teaching or know someone who is, please contact Dr. Malcolm Grothe at 206-764-5303 or mgrothe@ajactraining.org.
AJAC Continues to Partner with Other Organizations to Offer Pre-Employment Training
GreenLight - WeldingAJAC is continuing to partner with the following organizations to develop and implement GreenLight:
  • Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County
  • South Seattle Community College    
  • Asian Counseling and Referral Service
  • Pacific Associates
  • YWCA
  • Neighborhood Associates
  • Manufacturing Industrial Council                  
This 10 week pre-employment training program offers certifications and internship experience in Green Manufacturing to economically disadvantaged and unemployed adults.

From October to December of 2010, AJAC participated in outreach events and recruitment orientations and provided pre-employment screening for over 50 men and women of all ethnicities. The first class of 14 students that started in early January of this year is being trained in:
  • Orientation to green jobs and green manufacturing
  • Employment skills: resume building, interview techniques and  communication skills
  • Certifications in First Aid/CPR, OSHA 10, MSDS, flagging, and forklifts
  • Manufacturing related training and applied manufacturing principles, including safety training
  • Lean and Green training
  • Connection to apprenticeship and employment opportunities in manufacturing
The project will continue through June 2011 and will serve up to three classes of 20 students each.
AJAC Launched Two New Machining Programs
This past fall, AJAC started an aircraft-oriented machining program in two locations: one in Seattle with South Seattle Community College and the other in Monroe with Everett Community College.  In December, students completed their Introduction to Manufacturing class and in January started a Basic Algebra class.

AJAC is also continuing to run its aircraft-oriented machining program in Tacoma with Bates Technical College and will be starting one in Spokane with Spokane Community College in April 2011.
Events calendar  AJAC Events Calendar
February 7-9, 2011 
Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) 2011 Aerospace Conference
Sponsored by AJAC
  Lynnwood Convention Center, Lynnwood, WA
  More Information

February 9, 2011
Beyond High School Event
Career Fair for Students in the Kent/Tahoma School District
  Kentwood High School, Covington, WA

February 23, 2011
Veterans Pathway to Apprenticeship
Sponsored by AJAC
  UA Local 26 Plumbers and Pipefitters, Burlington, WA
  More Information

February 26-27, 2011

Northwest Aviation Conference & Tradeshow

Hosted by Washington Aviation Association

Sponsored by AJAC
   Puyallup Fair & Events Center at the Western Washington Fairgrounds
   Puyallup, WA
   More Information

March 4th, 2011
Women Fly 2011!
Museum of Flight
   Seattle, WA
   More Information
AJAC Mission

AJAC's Mission is to provide exceptional and responsive apprenticeships, innovative supporting signature training programs with cutting edge curriculum and highly effective trades trainers. 

AJAC offers a method for transferring the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills between generations of the workforce, thus promoting the value of contributing to the next generation. 

AJAC brings about a significant and lasting impact on the prosperity of Washington State, empowering its diverse population of residents to thrive as craftspeople and attain secure family wage jobs through: 

  • Dynamic career and educational pathways
  • Corresponding wrap around support services
  • Smooth pipelines connecting employers with the next generation of workers and  where preschool and K-12 students and their influencers see aerospace opportunities as viable career path options
  • Advocating for recognition and financial support of training in aerospace and manufacturing
  • Expanding the diversity of people entering the trades
  • Exploring opportunities for growth and collaborating with partners to form comprehensive solutions


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