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AJAC Apprentices, record your apprenticeship hours and view important messages and notices from AJAC by logging into AJAC’s Apprentice Tracking System (ATS).

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Below are blank and sample progress reports for you to record your hours on and submit to your supervisor for his/her signature. Once these reports are signed, enter your hours into the ATS. Also below, are instructions on how to log in to the ATS and record your apprentice hours.

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AJAC Standards of Apprenticeship

The director of the Department of Labor and Industries appointed the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (WSATC) as the regulatory body responsible for developing, administering, and enforcing apprenticeship program standards (Standards) for the operation and success of apprenticeship and training programs in the State of Washington.

AJAC Standards of Apprenticeship

Blank Progress Reports for Each Apprenticeship Occupation

You can download blank progress reports utilizing the following links:

If you would like a sample progress report, you can view one here.

Instructions for Completing Apprentice Work Progress Record

This is the permanent record of your apprenticeship hours and something you can be proud of.

  1. At the end of each month, ask your supervisor to sign the report and retain this hard copy for your records
  2. Using the data from the hard copy, enter your hours into the hours tracking section of the AJAC ATS by the 15th of the month following the month you’ve just completed.(i.e., your hours worked in January are due by February 15th).

Use a binder to keep these time sheets in.THIS IS YOUR RECORD OF HOURS WORKED and a back-up to the ATS.

  • The worksheet is the work record for one month and each column represents one day.
  • Entries are made in the row on the timesheet that has the work code* which corresponds with the work process from section VIII “Work Processes” of the Apprenticeship Standards.
  • Total the hours you worked each work process. Total your hours at the end of each month and carry them forward.

Be sure to complete the information for your Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI) hours.

  • At the end of each month, record the hours spent in school (RSI) and carry that total forward.
  • This way, you will have a continuing record of your work progress and school hours.

When the Apprenticeship Committee periodically reviews your work record, it can evaluate your progress in all phases of your trade to ensure that you are receiving the well-rounded training necessary to become a qualified journey-level worker.

Keep these sheets and the binder you started neat and up-to-date, and upon completion of your training, you will have a record of your training, which you can own with pride.

* The work codes are the trade initials and the work process number (i.e. AM-1 = Aircraft Mechanic Airframe- Basic Electrical). A list of the work code initials can be found in the Apprentice Tracking System and the number is found in section VIII of your Apprenticeship Standards.


Apprentices can determine which textbooks are required for their class by accessing the following PDF’s for each occupation:

Questions regarding textbooks? Please contact Danica Hendrickson or reference your class start letters.


To make the tuition process smoother at our partner colleges, AJAC collects and records tuition payments for apprentices. Tuition is collected for all apprentices. Please refer to your class start letter for specific payment details.

AJAC Has Three Options to Pay for Tuition:

  1. Visit the AJAC Office: 6770 E. Marginal Way S. Bldg. A-106 Seattle, WA 98108. Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. You may pay by cash, check or credit card (credit card will incur a $10 fee).
  2. Mail Check: Make check payable to AMJTC. Mail check to: P.O. Box 80727 Seattle, WA 98108.
  3. PayPal: Please visit


AJAC will email class start letters one month prior to your first day of class. This letter details your class location, night of the week, registration, procedures, college registration paperwork (in some cases), tuition, payment details and required textbooks.

Currently, AJAC does not offer financial assistance for tuition or books. If you have trouble paying for tuition or books, please speak with your employer or contact AJAC before the quarter starts to discuss payment options.