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Opportunity Youth Success

Truman High School AJAC apprentice making copper pipe

I see more responsible young people in my community, after going through programs like this, that essentially could expose youth to those jobs or opportunities that, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been exposed to were not for AJAC.

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Truman High School

I just see kids that are excited, excited about the outlook of what’s out there. It’s not just law school or medical school. There’s trades that can be done and be a responsible young person that can provide for themselves and their families.

Truman High School apprentice

EX3 Boys and Girls Club Ron Sandwith Teen Center

Manufacturing Academy

Federal Way, Washington

Juvenile Rehabilitation Success

Juvenile Rehabilitation intern at Berry Global

I thought it was going to be really hard. It was going to be college and then three months of work at a manufacturing company. But, it was kind of simple, AJAC helped us through it all and broke down the steps. It was more of a mental thing for me. Not can I do this, but I'm going to do this.

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A Chance for Change

When they told me when I first got here—if you're willing to learn, we're willing to teach, and I was willing to learn. If I wouldn't have gone through this program, I wouldn't be doing good right now. It gives me the chance to get out with some money, stability, and industry-recognized certificates.

Juvenile Rehabilitation apprenticeship program

Juvenile Rehabilitation

Manufacturing Academy

Tacoma, Washington

Manufacturing Academy Success

Nyck Davis Blue Origin Apprentice

Nyck’s drive to become a machinist was evident from the first day. He was able to build on the skills he learned in his high school shop class, as an automotive technician, and apply those to our class

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Pre-Apprenticeship Training

I applied to eight or nine different positions and eventually landed on apprentice machinist. Luckily, it was announced the last week of class that Blue Origin is now a sponsor of the AJAC program. Timing wise, I got extremely lucky and I ended up landing the apprentice machinist job.

Manufacturing Academy Author

Nyck Davis

Manufacturing Academy Graduate

Blue Origin

Youth Apprenticeship Success

Youth apprentice cnc machining

It gave me some confidence in terms of my abilities. The only person that is going to hold me back is just my mind, but I know that if I do push myself to whatever extent I need to, I know I can do it. It pushed me how to work alone and with others.

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High School Youth Apprentice Programs

The program pushed me to ask more questions because initially, I had a hard time asking questions or asking for help in certain areas. Knowing that I can do it, I became more confident in my abilities over time.

Youth Apprentice

Raquel Taijito

Production Technician (Youth)

Tool Gauge

Adult Apprenticeship Success

Kailey Harding, AJAC apprentice

After two years of learning composites, fabrication, and machining through the skills center, Kailey landed a job as a machinist and immediately enrolled in AJAC’s four-year machinist apprenticeship program. Through her time in the apprenticeship, Kailey grew her foundational machining skills through one-on-one mentorship and industry-aligned curriculum delivered by AJAC’s instructors.

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Frontline Worker Advancement through Apprenticeship

Kailey’s advice to encourage more women to pursue manufacturing: “No matter where you work, you have to have the passion for it. If it is in you, and you are feeling a little nervous, step on in it. I would definitely get into AJAC’s because they are going to guide you and support you. Go for it; be confident in your words, and who you are.”

Adult Apprenticeship machining training

Kailey Harding

Machinist Apprentice

Spearman Corp

Instructor Success

Tim Bacon winning AJAC award

I started out as an apprentice, my role being the shop fabricator. Then a manual machinist, to CNC mill machinist,” Tim said. “Then, as our only CNC Lathe Journeyman left, I became the CNC lathe machinist. I was the only person in the shop, at the time, who was able to program and run the lathes. Later, I became the Plastics CNC Department Supervisor. I would oversee the flow of jobs through the department, create programs to make the parts, and train the people to help them improve their machinist skills.

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Classroom Mentorship

“I remember past instructors that I’ve had and the impact that they’ve made. So I can only imagine that in the future, an apprentice will think about what he/she is doing, and think back to ‘this is what I learned in class’. I seem to be able to connect with people when sharing a principle or process. Then it happens, the student has an “ah ha” moment, mission accomplished!

Instructor Success Author

Tim Bacon

Apprentice Instructor

Bates Technical College

Industry Success

Benefits of becoming an Industrial Maintenance Technician

In 2019, Washington Beef became AJAC’s largest employer after enrolling 21 adults in AJAC’s four-year Industrial Maintenance Technician apprenticeship program. Washington Beef’s automated equipment and fleet of vehicles required their maintenance technicians to have a diverse skill set enabling them to solve a variety of complex tasks.

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Beyond Aerospace Apprenticeship

Adopting AJAC’s apprenticeship allowed Washington Beef to restructure and reorganize their maintenance department to where they can put in silos of competency and create a hierarchy within the organization—making an industrial maintenance technician the sought after role. The result? It has leveled the playing field for the younger generation, for individuals that are willing to come in and pursue scholastic advancement as well as a skill advancement using advanced technologies and processes.

Agri Beef

Washington Beef (Agri Beef)

AJAC Partnering Employer

Toppenish, Washington

Employer Success

Precision Metal Fabricator benefits

We have someone who started on the shop floor in our assembly department, moved into a machinist position and went through the AJAC program. After graduating, they moved on to teach manufacturing technology at a local skills center, and then came back, and are now working with us in a management role overseeing our internship programs. How does that feel? It feels fantastic

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Apprentice Employer ROI

What we’ve been able to do with the AJAC program is start somebody at one level, see some success, move them into a different program, as they advance their career with us at Machinists, Inc. The variety of different programs AJAC offers, really helps us stay ahead and help our employees gain new skills and advance what they’re doing at the company.

Employer Success Author

Machinists, Inc.

AJAC Partnering Employer

Seattle, Washington