Canvas Learning Management System for AJAC Apprentices


Learning Management System for Apprentices


Learning Management System for Apprentices

About Canvas LMS

Canvas Learning Management System is an online platform that helps apprentices and instructors organize their schoolwork and assignments. It’s like a digital classroom where you can access your course materials, submit homework, and take quizzes.

It also lets you communicate with your instructors and classmates, making it easier to stay on top of your studies and collaborate with others.


How We Use Canvas

Each week, apprentices interact with Canvas as part of their supplemental instruction. They have access to course content (e.g., PPT slides, quizzes, reading material) and can upload completed homework for assessment; they can also view current grades and submit any missing work.

They also engage in discussions with other students and/or instructors. In this way, canvas helps to extend learning outside the classroom and apprentices solidify their understanding of classroom content through asynchronous learning.

Canvas for Mobile App or Desktop

Download on iOS or Android

After you download the app, go to “Find My School” and search for “AJAC Training”

Download on Apple Store

View on Desktop

Visit the Canvas website on your desktop computer. 

View Desktop Version

Instructions to Log into Your Canvas Account


Set Up Your Password

  1. Navigate to AJAC Canvas URL:
  2. Click on Forgot Password?
  3. Enter your Login ID as your Email address
  4. Click Request Password Button

Check Your Email

  1. You will received an email from AJAC Canvas with the title: Forgot Password: Canvas
  2. Click on the link inside the email to set up your new password
  3. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your Spam/Junk folder as well.

Log Into Canvas

  1. Go to the Canvas login:
  2. Login with your email and the password you created
  3. Accept the invitation to join “AHT101-Anti-Harassment Training” and “Passport to Canvas Training”. Please make sure you take Anti-Harassment quiz since this is requirement from Labor & Industries for all active apprentices.

Questions or Need Help?

  1. Contact your instructor directly with any questions related to class.
  2. If you cannot contact your instructor, please email or call Lan West: 206-737-8341
  3. Send an email to our support staff.