Financial Aid Opportunities

For AJAC Apprentices

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Financial Aid may be available to assist active apprentices with the costs associated with their apprenticeship program. Some examples of these costs are things like tuition, fees, supplies, food, housing, and transportation to and from your related supplemental instruction classroom.

There are several types of financial aid that an apprentice may be eligible for depending on their circumstances.

Washington Grant for Apprentices

Approved in Funding for AJAC Apprentices

The Washington Grant for Apprentices (WG-A) is a grant that is designed for the apprenticeship community to assist apprentices with obstacles they may face on their path to Journey Level Certification.

This grant is easy to apply for, and AJAC’s Financial Aid staff members are available to assist you in every step of the process. In less than 3 years, AJAC apprentices have been approved for over $400,000 in WG-A Funding! 

The 2023/2024 Washington Grant Application is now available! To apply or find out more, please visit our Washington Grant for Apprentices web page by clicking the link below. 

Other Types of Financial Aid You May be Eligible For

The Washington State Opportunity – Career and Technical Scholarship

Eligible Apprentices who receive this scholarship are eligible for up to $1,500 per quarter. To apply or find more details and eligibility, please click the blue button below. For additional questions please email

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

ANEW – Passport to Apprenticeship

If you are currently experiencing homelessness or experienced foster care after the age of 13 and are in need of emergency funding assistance, please click the blue button below and submit an Enrollment Form. For additional questions or assistance contact ANEW.

ANEW Passport to Apprenticeship

Emergency Assistance

Several of our partner colleges offer emergency grant funding if you find yourself in serious needs for things like food, housing, bills, vehicle repairs, or other emergency issues.

Each college has different guidelines on how to receive these funds and/or who is eligible for them, but if you find yourself in need, we strongly encourage you to submit an application and try to get the funding needed to keep emergency impediments from derailing your pursuit.