Pathways After Youth Apprenticeship

Upon completion of AJAC’s Youth Apprenticeship program, high school students will not only have the chance to complete their high school education and a career training program while at work earning college credits, but utilize AJAC’s advanced apprenticeship programs to continue their education as an adult apprentice, or pursue post-secondary education at a 2-year or 4-year institution.

Options and Opportunities
Adult Apprenticeship
Youth Apprentices are awarded 100% recognition for their prior training in class and at work—not only putting them a year ahead in training, but also in pay. In return, Youth Apprentice completers do not have to take an entire year of classes if they choose to enroll in an adult program such as machining or industrial maintenance. Based on data from previous AJAC graduates, Youth Apprentices can earn nearly $1,000,000 more (not including benefits and investments) than adult apprentices who enter the program at 32 years old—the average age of a new AJAC adult apprentice.
  • Continue Your Apprenticeship
University or Technical College
After high school, Youth Apprentices who choose to enroll in a university or technical college will have 15 tuition-free college credits (transferrable to most colleges in Washington State) and 2,000 hours of industry experience they can leverage throughout their post-secondary education. Apprentices who desire to learn manufacturing-related subjects such as programming or engineering can develop real-world experience in these fields prior to becoming a full-time college student.
  • Earn a Degree or Certification
Remain in Industry
Youth Apprentices who complete the program may have an option to remain on with their employer after high school and continue working in the advanced manufacturing industry. Employment beyond the apprenticeship program is solely determined by the employer.
  • Grow With Your Employer