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A Collective Partnership

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Beginning in 2014, AJAC partnered with the Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) to provide a 12-week pre-apprenticeship training to incarcerated young men living in a DCYF transitional living facility in Tacoma, Washington.

This partnership was created to provide young people impacted by the juvenile justice system with a tangible opportunity to transition out of the JRA-operated facility and into the community with real-world experience and skills that translate into in-demand jobs.


Juvenile Rehabilitation student learning manual machining

Year-Round Learning

We currently offer two cohorts per year to include a 12-week training and a 12-week paid internship at a local manufacturing company so as to provide stronger connections to industry for incarcerated young people largely without work histories or connections to industry upon their release.

Upon completion, students in the Juvenile Rehabilitation Manufacturing Academy will have up to 300 hours of classroom learning and 120 hours of practical work experience.

When they told me when I first got here—if you're willing to learn, we're willing to teach, and I was willing to learn. If I wouldn't have gone through this program, I wouldn't be doing good right now. It gives me the chance to get out with some money, stability, and industry-recognized certificates.

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Juvenile Rehabilitation apprenticeship program

Juvenile Rehabilitation

Manufacturing Academy

Tacoma, Washington

Internship Opportunities

Juvenile rehabilitation student packaging at Berry Global

Real-World Experience

To capitalize on the skills learned in class, AJAC works with its network of 300 advanced manufacturing employers to identify internship opportunities for students who wish to apply their knowledge of the trades to a real-world environment.

Interns will work full-time at a partnering employer that elects to temporarily hire them. Upon completion, interns may be offered a full-time position with the hiring employer.


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Juvenile Rehabilitation intern at Berry Global

Meet Jonathan, Berry Global Intern

Since January 2019, over 40 young men from the JR program have participated in this new program design, with 41 participating in a paid internships at Tacoma-based manufacturing companies – almost all at Berry Global, a plastic bottling company who is also an AJAC training agent (apprenticeship employer partner).

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Training of all those served shall be without discrimination based on race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or as otherwise specified by law.  AJAC also encourages women, minorities and veterans to apply with their employer.