What is a Journeyman?

What is a Journeyman's Card?

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A journeyman’s card or journey-level certification is a credential that signifies a person has completed a certain level of training and education in a skilled trade or craft. It is commonly associated with apprenticeship programs, where individuals undergo a structured training process to become proficient in a specific trade.

6 Reasons to earn a journeyman's card

The Significance of a Journeyman's Card


Completion of Apprenticeship: Typically, a journeyman’s card is awarded upon successful completion of an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeships involve a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction, and achieving journeyman status indicates that the individual has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to work independently in their chosen trade.


Recognition of Skill Level: The journeyman status recognizes a certain level of proficiency and competence in the trade. It indicates that the individual has moved beyond the beginner or apprentice stage and has gained a solid foundation of experience and expertise.


Industry Standards: Many industries have established standards for training and certification to ensure that workers have the necessary skills to perform their jobs safely and effectively. The journeyman’s card is often aligned with these industry standards and serves as a way for employers, customers, and regulatory bodies to verify an individual’s qualifications.


Career Advancement: Holding a journeyman’s card is often a prerequisite for further career advancement in the skilled trades. It may open up opportunities for higher-paying positions, supervisory roles, or even the possibility of becoming a master craftsman.


Portability: A journeyman’s card can be portable, meaning it may be recognized across different employers or regions. This can be particularly important for individuals in construction, manufacturing, and other trades where workers may move between projects or locations.


Quality Assurance: For employers, hiring individuals with journeyman status provides a level of assurance regarding the skills and capabilities of the workforce. It can contribute to maintaining quality standards in the products or services delivered by a company.

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A journeyman’s card is a tangible symbol of accomplishment and expertise in a skilled trade. It plays a crucial role in the professional development of individuals in the trades and helps maintain standards within industries.