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Starting a registered apprenticeship program at your company is a seamless process with the guidance of AJAC’s support staff and services. Employers interested in partnering with AJAC can learn more about our occupations, tuition for apprentices, trade rotation, and onboarding documents.

AJAC's Support Staff

AJAC’s Regional Program Managers work directly with each company to understand their workforce training needs and how they can set-up internal training procedures.

Our experts map training competencies to your shop floor–ensuring apprentices can maximize their learning potential on the job.

AJAC’s Regional Program Managers

Heather Fisher, AJAC Staff Photo

Heather Fisher

Central Washington

Erin Williams, AJAC

Erin Williams

Western Washington

Amy Suter, AJAC

Amy Suter

Western Washington

Dennis Matson AJAC

Dennis Matson

Spokane & Idaho

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Damian Magista

Western Washington



In Washington State, when you engage in apprenticeship, college tuition is reduced by 50%. In most cases that means AJAC, classes cost around $250-275 per quarter class.

Nearly 60% of AJAC’s employers participate in a tuition-reimbursement program to help apprentices offset the cost of tuition and textbooks.

Employers have the option to pay for their apprentice’s tuition, or reimburse their apprentice’s tuition based on parameters set forth by the hiring employer.

Donate Used Equipment

AJAC’s programs are expanding throughout Washington State. To meet these increasing demands, AJAC is seeking used machining equipment for teaching.

Our apprentices will use this equipment for hands-on learning during their apprenticeship classes. These classes take place at our partnering high school and community/technical college machine shops.

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