The Cost-Effective Benefits of Apprenticeship

A Better Alternative to Temp Agencies

Are you an employer looking for a cost-effective solution for your staffing needs? Consider the benefits of using apprenticeships instead of temp agencies. While temp agencies can provide a quick and convenient way to fill short-term staffing gaps, they may not be the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Here’s why…

What is a Temp or Staffing Agency?

Temp Agencies and Staffing Agencies work directly with manufacturing companies to help them identify talent from entry-level workers to management positions.

Temp and Staffing Agencies will pre-screen candidates, understand their skill sets, and contract with hiring employers to temporarily hire an employee.

Consider Apprenticeship as an Alternative

Apprenticeships can alleviate the hiring woes of manufacturing employers by identifying entry-level workers already on your payroll who could use structured training to fill high-demand positions within a company.

In Washington State, manufacturing companies participate in apprenticeship at no-cost. There are no hiring fees, onboarding fees, or restrictions for how long you can have an apprentice.

Rethink Your Recruitment Strategy

Let’s Breakdown How Apprenticeships Can Benefit Your Staffing Needs


Apprenticeship Pays for Itself in One Week: Staffing agencies have direct costs that they need to cover plus 25-30% service fees they charge on top of the employee pay rate and benefits. For example, if they employee makes $20 an hour and you add on 18.5% of the direct benefit costs, would total $23.70. The 25% mark up on service fees would equal $29.63 which translates to a service fee of $5.92 an hour or $236.80 per week.


The average cost per quarter for an apprentice is $300 which employers can elect to pay. Employers who utilize the apprenticeship model of training pay similar costs (if not less) while having their employees being trained in their profession.


Apprentices Understand Your Industry: Apprentices are individuals who already have an interest and skill-set in their industry. Although their skill-set if often times entry-level, they are dedicated individuals to their craft and career growth.


No Restrictions on Length of Employment: Companies who participate in apprenticeship are allowed to discontinue the apprenticeship at any time for any reason.


Find the Right Candidate Quickly: As an intermediary, AJAC can help companies identify the right-person for the job whether its an incumbent worker or someone looking to work in the industry. Individuals who wish to become an apprentice have already demonstrated an aptitude for learning and a desire for career growth and development.


Integration in Company Culture: Unlike staffing or temp agencies, apprentices are thoroughly invested in your company’s culture. A company that creates a culture on learning and development will in return, have employees focused on growing the company from within.


Structured Training for Employees: The main benefit of apprenticeship for a company is the training apprentices receive on-the-job and in the classroom. Unlike staffing or temp agencies, apprenticeship is focused on continued growth 365 days a year. Apprentices will work their way from entry-level positions to master craftsman in their discipline. With a skilled employee, companies can create their products with more efficiency and less waste.


Long-Term Commitment: Apprenticeships involve a longer-term commitment, which can lead to lower turnover and the development of a skilled and dedicated workforce.

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