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AJAC currently operates two registered Youth Apprenticeship programs for youth. Both the Production Technician (Youth) and Automation Technician (Youth) are 2,000 hour programs designed for high school juniors and seniors to develop career-ready skills in the aerospace and advanced manufacturing industries. These apprenticeship programs combine paid on-the-job training at an AJAC employer and college-level classroom instruction which can lead to a high school diploma, journey-level card and short-term college certificate.

What Is Youth Apprenticeship?

  • Career-oriented: Learning is structured around knowledge, skills, and competencies that lead to careers with family-supporting wages.
  • Equitable: Learning is accessible to every student, with targeted supports for those adversely impacted by long-standing inequities in our education system and labor market.
  • Portable: Learning leads to postsecondary credentials and transferable college credit that expand options for students.
  • Adaptable: Learning is designed collaboratively to be recognized and valued across an industry or sector.
  • Accountable: Student, employer, and program outcomes are monitored using transparent metrics to support improvement.

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“Bringing the Youth Apprenticeship participants into our company is refreshing. You can train them up to be the type of employee that you want them to be. You can train them right the first time so they don’t develop the bad habits. Also, I think it’s just refreshing, because they’re so willing to learn and so open; there aren’t those barriers to learning.” – Janie Vigil, HR Director at Cadence Aerospace in Tacoma, Washington

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