AJAC Youth Apprentices take a photo with representatives from Genie Industries during Genie's Youth Apprenticeship Signing Day in December 2023

Genie Industries Signing Day

High School Students Embark on a Groundbreaking Apprenticeship Journey at Genie Industries

Uplifting a Community Through Apprenticeship

After seven years of tireless efforts building connections with the community, workforce development organizations, and employer partners, the culmination of this work has led to a joyous celebration. Six high school students have paved a new career pathway at Genie Industries as registered apprentices through AJAC.

On December 13, 2023, a momentous event unfolded as AJAC, alongside SkillSource, NCESD, Genie Industries, state representatives, and proud family members, gathered to officially launch the first cohort of Production Technician Youth Apprentices at Genie Industries in Moses Lake.

Distinguished by its uniqueness, this program marks the first Youth Apprenticeship cohort with apprentices all stationed at the same company. Selected from various high schools in Grant County, these apprentices underwent Genie’s internal hiring process to ensure they are job-ready. Hand-picked by Genie Industries from a pool of numerous applicants, these students represent the promising future of the workforce.

Genie Signing Day

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The apprentices are set to dive into three AJAC college-level classes while working part-time during the school year and transitioning to full-time employment during the summer months. At Genie Industries, they will undergo comprehensive hands-on training across various departments, including assembly, welding, painting, deburr, machining, and quality control.

In addition to the invaluable skills gained, each apprentice is poised to earn nearly $33,000 throughout the duration of their apprenticeship, providing them with a solid foundation for their future endeavors.

Upon successful completion, these apprentices will receive a nationally-recognized journey-level certification from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, along with college credits. Perhaps most importantly, they will forge a lasting connection with mentors from Genie Industries, shaping a mentorship that extends well beyond their apprenticeship and into a lifetime of professional growth.

Photos courtesy of SkillSource.