Employer Success

As an employer-sponsored apprenticeship organization, AJAC’s advanced manufacturing companies utilize our suite of programs to create a culture of learning, teaching, job retention, and increased worker productivity.

Within AJAC’s network of 300 employers, there are various strategies for how apprenticeship can provide a return on their investment—from on-the-job training competencies, to classroom instruction, to identifying new workers and connecting employers to the state’s career and technical education system.

Machinists, Inc., partnered with AJAC in 2011 to provide their machinists, maintenance technicians, programmers and tool makers an opportunity to expand their foundational knowledge—from manual machining to operating, programming, and servicing CNC mills and lathes.

AJAC works closely with companies like Machinists, Inc., to align curriculum with the industry’s need for 21st century skill development. “AJAC has a really open line of communication between the employer and their programs,” said Adam Grim, Human Resources Director for Machinists, Inc., “We’re able to provide feedback through AJAC’s executive board comprised of different industry partners, and tell them what we’re doing here.”

Working with AJAC is a seamless transition for employers due to the large pool of subject matters experts, industry instructors, and proven curriculum that allows apprentices to maximize their learning opportunities, “The return on our investment is our apprentices are able to work faster, more efficient, advance their skill sets to allow them to do more for us, and become a more well-rounded employee,” said Adam.

Integrating an apprenticeship at Machinists, Inc. also benefited their employees looking to advance their careers. As apprentices progress through their training, they’re able to work on more advanced pieces of equipment and develop techniques through one-on-one mentorship. In return, Machinists, Inc. spends less time recruiting new employees, and instead, can focus on skilling up those who show an aptitude to learn.

“It feels great to see some of the employees advance their careers and grow right here at Machinists, Inc. We have someone who started on the shop floor in our assembly department, moved into a machinist position and went through the AJAC program. After graduating, they moved on to teach manufacturing technology at a local skills center, and then came back, and are now working with us in a management role overseeing our internship programs. How does that feel? It feels fantastic,” Adam said.

Since 2011, Machinists, Inc., has enrolled 27 employees into AJAC’s four-year Machinist, four-year Industrial Maintenance Technician, and five-year Tool & Die Maker apprenticeship programs. As the industry and technology evolve, Machinists, Inc. is able to take advantage of the variety of training models AJAC has developed.

“What we’ve been able to do with the AJAC program is start somebody at one level, see some success, move them into a different program, as they advance their career with us at Machinists, Inc. The variety of different programs AJAC offers, really helps us stay ahead and help our employees gain new skills and advance what they’re doing at the company.”

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About Machinists, Inc.

Located in Seattle’s South Park industrial neighborhood, Machinists Inc. has been solving complex machining problems since 1941. With more than 80 years of experience, Machinists Inc. provides ISO 9001 certified metal fabrication, welding, CNC Machining, finishing and assembly. They operate the largest precision machining shop in the Northwest and have the ability to react quickly to their customer’s needs and get large, complex projects completed on schedule.

With a wide range of certified, experienced professionals, Machinists, Inc. can provide composite tooling, integrated systems, engineering, aerospace tooling, fabrication and welding, shaft turning, large machining, horizontal boring, 5-axis machining, inspection, finishing and logistics. From their headquarters in Seattle, Washington, they serve a client base that includes high profile names such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, SpaceX and many more.