Aerospace/Aviation and Advanced Manufacturing Employers

What ROI can my company get with apprenticeship?

Learn what kind of Return on Investment (ROI) Washington State’s aerospace and advanced manufacturing employers have received from participating in AJAC’s apprenticeship program.

Washington State funded the creation of the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC), an aerospace/aviation and advanced manufacturing apprenticeship program, to offer Washington State employers a proven method to capture the knowledge and skills of their most experienced tradespeople and pass it on to the next generation of productive employees.

According to employer and industry need, AJAC and its advisory committee, comprised of employers and employees, have developed and implemented the following registered apprenticeship programs:

AJAC is also developing a registered apprenticeship program for CNC Programming.

AJAC’s apprenticeship program provides a number of benefits to employers that results in a sound return on investment:

High Quality

Through the AJAC apprenticeship program, employers can transfer years of experience and knowledge quickly, reducing the risk of skill shortages as current employees retire. Apprentices receive on-the-job training on multiple machines that allow companies to move apprentices around the shop floor where help is needed. This direct transfer of knowledge and apprentice rotation from machine to machine creates a flexible workforce and a master machinist capable of producing the highest quality products.

Lower Cost

Community colleges, the state and apprentices all “chip in” to cover the cost of the classroom training. The apprentice begins at a lower wage that increases as he/she becomes more productive. Also, with the AJAC apprenticeship program, rework is reduced and costs are lowered since the apprentice receives on-the-job training at your shop, gaining skills and knowledge about your standards and procedures. Employees pass along their tricks of the trade and best practices, creating skilled workers without the need to develop individual training programs internally.

On-Time Delivery

*It is estimated, on average, that an employee mentored on the job as a journey-level person is 29% more productive. Apprentices learn in your facility, on your machines. They become familiar with your work and production standards. Therefore, apprentices have a higher productivity rate than someone being trained outside of your shop. On-site training enables your products to be manufactured quickly with consistent and reliable processes, ensuring on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Reliable and Loyal Employees

The apprenticeship program is a career path for your workforce that provides stability and loyalty on the factory floor. It also provides the opportunity for employees to expand their knowledge and skill level. When an apprentice completes their program, they are more inclined to grow with your business because they are already invested in your company.

Positive Return on Your Investment (ROI)

Watch this video: Employers participating in AJAC’s apprenticeship program speak to the ROI they are achieving on their employee training, including 40% productivity gain from a multi-skilled workforce.

Competitive Advantage

** Over 80% of companies participating in an apprenticeship program in the U.S. say apprenticeship has helped them meet their demand for skilled workers. Apprenticeship enables employers to train employees on-the-job and pass along the knowledge of the trades to create a highly skilled workforce and allows companies to stay competitive in their industry. The AJAC apprenticeship program works with you to ensure your workforce is nimble and responsive to the ever-changing business climate. As an AJAC employer in the program, your benefits include:

  • No hassles. The apprenticeship training coordinator and committee manage the training program
  • Easier recruiting as apprentices are drawn to the many benefits of apprenticeship programs
  • Pre-screening. Provides an effective way to screen new employees, both during and after the program
  • Probationary period to make sure the employee fits the employer´s needs
  • Increased worker safety. Classroom study, coupled with on-the-job training, helps workers better understand their jobs and their accompanying risks, and helps them avoid job-related injuries, saving employers time and money

More information can be found on the Benefits of Using Apprentices and the Apprenticeship Program at the Washington State Labor and Industries Apprenticeship website.

AJAC serves any Washington State aerospace or advanced manufacturing company, including small and large shops as well as union and non-union affiliated shops. Companies across Washington State who participate as registered Training Agents with AJAC can enroll current employees in an existing AJAC program. If a company has 15 or more employees that need training in one of AJAC’s currently registered occupations, AJAC can create a new program exclusively for that company.

To start an AJAC apprenticeship program at your company, contact AJAC at: 206-764-7940 or or online.

*Statistics from the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum. All dollar amounts are expressed in Canadian dollars.
**Statistics from the Urban Institute Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population. March 2009