MFG Day (Manufacturing Day) 2022

AJAC + Renton School District

AJAC (Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeships) partnered with the Renton School District to offer three tours of local companies whom participate in AJAC’s registered apprenticeship programs. Students from Hazen High School, Renton High School, and Lindbergh High School did a round-robin set of tours to learn about the various local manufacturing companies, the products they create, and the career opportunities available for high school graduates.

Students developed a deeper understand of electronic assemblies at Out of the Box Manufacturing, high-strength coil production at Renton Coil Spring, and boat lift manufacturing at Basta Boatlifts. In between tours, students heard from former AJAC apprentice’s on their experience in manufacturing, the benefit of the industry to their professional development, and the importance of higher education.

About MFG Day: MFG Day is manufacturing’s biggest annual opportunity to inspire the next generation to start careers in modern manufacturing through a series of focused events to promote manufacturing to students, parents and educators on the first Friday of October continuing throughout the rest of the month.

About AJAC: AJAC works across the Pacific Northwest in a variety of advanced manufacturing industries—partnering with employers, colleges, school districts, community-based organizations, and workforce development centers to bring apprenticeships to the 21st century. We use a variety of training models to capture the fundamental skills required across many industries—matching your employment needs from Entry-Level through highly skilled Journey-Level workers. With advancements in machinery and automation, we address the needs across assembly, production, processing, machine automation, machine operations and maintenance; from raw materials whether they are grown or mined, to finished goods.