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What is an Industrial Maintenance Technician | AJAC

Career as an Industrial Maintenance Technician

Apprentice performing industrial maintenance duties while employed at a food processing company

What Do They Do?

Industrial Maintenance Technicians install, repair and maintain commercial or industrial machinery in buildings, a plant, or a manufacturing setting. These technicians ensure all machines function properly through troubleshooting and preventive maintenance service.

Industrial Maintenance Technicians:

  • Read manuals to understand equipment and controls
  • Disassemble machinery and equipment when it needs maintenance or repair
  • Perform tests and operate machinery to ensure it functions properly
  • Adjust and calibrate equipment and machinery to optimal specifications
Industrial Maintenance Technician welding

Industry Demand for Industrial Maintenance Technicians

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 45,000 new Industrial Maintenance Technicians will be hired over the next eight years, a 21% projected growth.

Industrial Maintenance Technicians are in demand across the United States in a variety manufacturing sub-sectors including aerospace, defense, plastics, medical equipment, space exploration, computer electronics, clean energy, maritime, and food and beverage.



Industrial Maintenance Technician Salary

Median Wage
Top 10%

These wage rates are for the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue region.

Education for Industrial Maintenance Technicians

Industrial Maintenance Technician performing routine maintenance on injection molding machine

Benefits of Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a proven method to capture the knowledge and skills of experienced tradespeople and pass it on to the next generation of productive employees.

Apprenticeships are a combination of structured, paid on-the-job training (93%) and college-level classroom instruction (7%) to teach the theory behind the occupation.

As an Industrial Maintenance Technician apprentice at AJAC, you will receive 1:1 mentorship, a 5% pay increase every six-months, college credits, and a national-recognized journey-level certification.

Additionally, apprentices can apply their college credits and earn an associates or bachelors degree.

10 Benefits of Apprenticeship
Industrial Maintenance Technician Apprentice

Skills Learned

Industrial Maintenance Technicians will learn the following skills on-the-job:

  • Machine Operation
  • Installation of Machinery & Equipment
  • Maintenance of Machinery & Equipment
  • Repair of Machinery & Equipment

As an apprentice, Industrial Maintenance Technicians will take college-level classes focused on:

  • Technical Drawings
  • Lifting & Rigging
  • Maintenance Machining and Welding
  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Fluid Power Systems
  • Machine Automation
  • Shop Math
  • Materials, Processes and References

Employment Outlook for Industrial Maintenance Technicians

Projected Employment 2030
Projected Annual Openings

Become an Industrial Maintenance Technician Apprentice

Submit your information using the link below. After we receive your information, an AJAC representative will contact you for next steps. Please note, this is not an official application to become an apprentice. After a partnering employer agrees to enroll you in the program, you will officially apply and enroll at that time.