Getting Started in Apprenticeship

Aerospace and advanced manufacturing companies from around Washington State are looking for eligible women and men to hire and place in an aerospace apprenticeship. Those who meet the minimum qualifications for apprenticeship and possess technical or mechanical skills (e.g., jobs, classes or hobbies) are in high demand by companies who participate in the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) apprenticeship program.

AJAC Apprenticeships are only available to employees of these participating companies. You MUST be currently employed at an AJAC participating employer before you can enroll in any our of apprenticeship programs. 

Technical Skills that Can Help You Get Hired

  • A solid foundation in basic math
  • Machining, fabrication or a maintenance background
  • Mechanical aptitude – Experience in auto or engine repair, woodworking, metalworking, etc.
  • Knowledge of or experience in the production process, such as meeting deadlines, following directions, achieving goals, measuring, etc.

If you have these skills, launch your career with an AJAC aerospace or advanced manufacturing apprenticeship.

If you don’t have these skills, check out our pre-apprenticeship program or these tips on how to gain the necessary skills.