Lunch & Learn Business Roundtable

Join The Discussion on February 21st!

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AJAC is excited to announce the launch of our two new apprenticeship programs—Logistics Specialist and Operations Specialist.

These short-term (3,000 OJT hours) apprenticeship programs will directly support frontline and warehouse workers who want to build up additional credentials focused on logistics and supply chain management while developing pathways into leadership roles.

AJAC is hosting a statewide Lunch and Learn virtual meeting for employers to learn about these two programs and how they can implement them for their incumbent workforce.

Join us Virtually on February 21st at 11:30am

Join us on Tuesday, February 21st at 11:30am for a 45 minute presentation plus a 15 minute Q&A virtually via Zoom. AJAC’s Regional Program Managers will be ready to address your questions about how these new occupations can be included in your workforce recruitment strategy.

During this virtual roundtable, we will discuss:

  • Why these occupations were created for local area employers
  • Which employers are best suited for implementing these occupations
  • Details about on-the-job training competencies and college-level classes
  • Learning outcomes and proficiencies upon completion
  • How classes will be structured (virtually vs. in-person)
  • Stackable apprenticeships—how other occupations can feed into an Operations or Logistics Specialist


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