AJAC Youth Apprentice at Small Planet Supply Company

Nurturing Talent: Youth Apprenticeships at Small Planet Supply

With Albert Rooks, CEO of Small Planet Supply

Albert Rooks, the CEO of Small Planet Supply, leads a company based in Tumwater, Washington, specializing in the manufacturing of heat pump water heaters for large multifamily buildings. Their decision to partner with AJAC was driven by a desire to attract individuals passionate about trade work. They seek those who thrive in shop environments, enjoy hands-on work, respect the craftsmanship involved, and are dedicated to a long-term career in manufacturing.

The partnership with AJAC, alongside the support from the Thurston County Economic Development Council and the Lacey Makerspace, has been instrumental in Small Planet Supply’s apprenticeship journey. These collaborations have opened up new avenues for connection within the community, bringing fresh opportunities and insights to the company.

Small Planet Supply is committed to creating a nurturing environment for students coming through our apprenticeship programs. They aim to provide a workplace that fosters growth and learning, offering a supportive space for apprentices to develop their skills. By working closely with these individuals, Small Planet Supply not only aims to create a great working environment but also to gain valuable insights into supporting career development.

The ultimate goal of Small Planet Supply is to build long-term relationships and create an excellent working environment where employees enjoy their roles and thrive within the manufacturing sector. Their investment in apprenticeships reflects a dedication to building sustainable careers and a skilled workforce, contributing positively to the broader community.

At AJAC, we are proud to support and collaborate with companies like Small Planet Supply. Their commitment to apprenticeships and the manufacturing industry sets a benchmark for others to follow. 


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