From Aspiring Engineer to Machinist: The Impact of Youth Apprenticeship

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Meet Daniel Kuropatko, a dedicated employee at FABTECH Precision Sheet Metal in Spokane Valley, Washington. Daniel’s journey from aspiring engineer to journeyman machinist showcases the transformative power of AJAC’s youth apprenticeship program

Discovering a New Passion:

During high school, Daniel’s primary goal was to become an engineer, a common aspiration among his peers. Engineering seemed like the natural path for someone interested in math and science. However, his perspective changed when he enrolled in an advanced manufacturing class. It was there that Daniel discovered his true passion for machining, designing, and problem-solving.

Initially, Daniel had no interest in AJAC, as he didn’t fully understand what they offered, and his focus was entirely on engineering. But as he immersed himself in the hands-on experience of machining, he realized how much he enjoyed it. The combination of creativity and technical skills required in machining captivated him.

Embracing the AJAC Opportunity:

When AJAC returned to his school, Daniel knew he had to seize the opportunity. He signed up for their apprenticeship program immediately and has never regretted that decision. The program has provided him with the perfect balance of education and practical experience.

AJAC offers an excellent apprenticeship that allows Daniel to take one class a week while working at FABTECH Precision Sheet Metal. This setup enables him to gain valuable education and earn an income simultaneously. It’s a win-win situation that allows him to grow professionally without the burden of student debt.

A Day in the Life at FABTECH Precision Sheet Metal:

At FABTECH Precision Sheet Metal, no two days are the same for Daniel. He starts his day by warming up the machines, ensuring they are ready for operation. Depending on the day’s tasks, he might be operating the machines or countersinking parts. Sometimes, he gets moved to different sections where extra help is needed. This variety keeps his job exciting and challenging.

Daniel’s coworkers often express their envy over the opportunities he has. Many of them wish they had similar chances when they were in high school. Daniel feels incredibly fortunate to be part of a program that allows him to do what he loves while receiving a quality education.

Advice for Future Apprentices:

For anyone with even the slightest interest in machining or those unsure about their career path, Daniel highly recommends exploring an apprenticeship with AJAC. You might discover a passion you never knew existed or find new excitement in areas you hadn’t considered before. The hands-on experience and practical skills you gain through an apprenticeship are invaluable.

Even if you don’t have a clear career direction, give it a shot. You never know what you might learn or how your interests might evolve. An apprenticeship can open doors to opportunities you hadn’t imagined.

Daniel’s journey from aspiring engineer to journeyman machinist has been incredibly rewarding. Thanks to the support of FABTECH Precision Sheet Metal, he is on the path to achieving his goals. Daniel feels lucky to have found a career that combines his love for problem-solving, design, and machining. If you’re considering an apprenticeship or a career in advanced manufacturing, Daniel encourages you to explore the possibilities. It might just be the best decision you ever make.


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