An employee from Pathfinder Manufacturing signs his apprenticeship paperwork.

AJAC Enrolls 107 Apprentices, a Record Number for Any Quarter

Largest Apprentice Signing in Organization History

A Family Gathering Like No Other...

Each quarter, AJAC’s Regional Program Managers work directly with our partnering employers to identify new apprentices for any of our 15 apprenticeship programs. These apprentices are hand-selected by their company to participate in apprenticeship–providing them with a unique opportunity to receive 1:1 mentorship, wage progressions, networking opportunities with other apprentices, and college accredited classroom instruction. 

Through the expansion of our program offerings, including CNC Programmer and Operations Specialist, AJAC saw the single greatest enrollment of new apprentices for any quarter since our organization started. 

We’re proud to announce more women signed up for AJAC’s apprenticeship programs than any quarter since 2008! Nationally, women make up 30% of the manufacturing workforce and nearly 14% of active apprentices.  This Fall, over 20 women sign up to launch their apprenticeship journey with us making up over 20% of new fall enrollments.

Women Enrollment
Apprentices Rolled Over from Spring

There was definitely a high demand from our employees for the opportunity to enroll in the AJAC Program. We get asked throughout the year about the option to join. This year we created an application process to allow employees from all areas of production to join the program. Three of our apprentices’ work in the maintenance department and the other four work in Production areas in a variety of roles such as blenders and pouch line machine operators. AJAC allows Tree Top to support our employees in their goals to obtain higher education and develop their skills. In return, the employees the are able to apply the knowledge they’ve learned to Tree Top's processes.

Stephanie Brown

Human Resources Manager

Tree Top, Inc.

Our employees have been asking for ways to continue their training and develop a more well-rounded skillset. The industrial manufacturing technician apprenticeship provides a great platform for them to improve their value both within the company and in the workforce with the certification program. I believe it is our employees’ desire for further learning and education that has attributed to the high turnout for the program.

Joseph Bryce Land

US Senior Supervisor, Production

Natural Factors

Fall Enrollment By Program

A breakdown of the occupations which apprentices enrolled in for AJAC's 2023 fall quarter.

Accelerating Post-Pandemic

New Apprentice Enrollments from 2018-2023

A Visually-Appealing Story to Tell...

We’re proud to recognize the following employers who enrolled new apprentices this fall quarter. 

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New Tech Industries, Mukilteo, WA
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Launch Apprenticeship at Your Company

If you’re interested in learning how your company can partner with AJAC for any of our 15 apprenticeship programs, please connect with us using the link below and we would be happy to schedule a meeting to learn more about your workforce development needs. 


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