Our Vision & Mission

Vision: The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee’s (AJAC) vision is to produce the most highly skilled and trained aerospace and manufacturing craftspeople in the world, ensuring that the art of the skilled trades is not lost. AJAC brings value to Washington State employers and residents by keeping the aerospace industry alive and thriving, thus revealing Washington State as the world leader of extraordinary and cutting edge aerospace training.

Mission: AJAC’s mission is to provide exceptional and responsive apprenticeships, innovative supporting signature training programs with cutting-edge curriculum and highly effective trades trainers. AJAC offers a method for transferring the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills between generations of the workforce, thus promoting the value of contributing to the next generation. AJAC brings about a significant and lasting impact on the prosperity of Washington State, empowering its diverse population of residents to thrive as craftspeople and attain secure family wage jobs through:

  • Dynamic career and educational pathways
  • Corresponding wrap-around support services
  • Smooth pipelines connecting employers with the next generation of workers and where preschool and K-12 students and their influencers see aerospace opportunities as viable career path options
  • Advocating for recognition and financial support of training in aerospace and advanced manufacturing
  • Expanding the diversity of people entering the trades
  • Exploring opportunities for growth and collaborating with partners to form comprehensive solutions.

To start an AJAC apprenticeship program at your company, contact AJAC at: 206-764-7940 or info@ajactraining.org or online.

To find out how you can become an apprentice, visit AJAC’s Get Started section.

Aviation industry apprentice at Boeing in Seattle