AJAC apprentice works with their mentor on the shop floor

Why Apprenticeship Is Important (Video)

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Connecting Job Seekers to High-Demand Careers with Local Employers

Apprenticeships are a proven method to capture the knowledge and skills of experienced tradespeople and pass it on to the next generation of productive employees, however an ongoing issue many employers face today is the growing need for entry-level and middle-skilled workers to help design, machine, built, and fix products for a global economy.

AJAC works with over 300 employers across the Pacific Northwest to offer registered apprenticeship training programs to their incumbent workforce. Whether it be machining, industrial maintenance, metal fabrication, or programming, employers can utilize the model of apprenticeship to skill-up individuals looking to fast track their skills into a rewarding career.

Helping Job Seekers

Whether you are in high school, college, or simply looking for a career change, apprenticeships combine paid on-the-job training with college-level classroom instruction. Over the course of the apprenticeship, apprentices will learn their theory behind their occupation while applying skills developed on the shop floor to become journey-level apprentices. In AJAC’s programs, apprentices will spend 93% of their time working at a local employer while spending 7% of their time taking classes AJAC has designed with local employers and subject matter experts.

Filling a Void for Local Employers

Washington State helps fund the growth of AJAC’s apprenticeship programs which local employers can use at no-cost. Employers can train their employees using their machines, equipment, and processes to ensure what the apprentice is learning will directly benefit the products they produce. AJAC works with many small-to-medium sized manufacturers who produce products for industries such as aerospace, food processing, automation, heavy machinery, medical equipment, plastics, clean energy, and more.


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