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Training + Education for Advanced Manufacturing

Industrial Maintenance Technician welding

Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship programs provide paid training to adults interested in pursuing career advancement opportunities in high demand occupations.

As an apprentice, you work at a full-time job while training with a mentor and earning wages + benefits. In addition, you attend classes typically one night a week at a local community or technical college to learn the theory behind the training.

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What is AJAC training?

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Pre-Apprenticeship programs provide a unique experience for individuals looking to develop real-world manufacturing skills designed to prepare them for entry-level jobs in advanced manufacturing.

AJAC’s Manufacturing Academy pre-apprenticeship program is offered online and in-person across the state of Washington.

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Become a Registered Apprentice for Advanced Manufacturing

Apprenticeship Programs We Offer

Entry-Level Programs

Entry-level apprenticeship programs are designed to help individuals develop a robust understanding of their trade within two-years.

Advanced Programs

Advanced apprenticeship programs focus on occupations which require three or more years of training.

Apprenticeship Employers
Reduced College Tuition
Training Locations

Steps To Becoming an Apprentice

With the high-demand from local manufacturing companies, AJAC can help connect you with hiring employers that offer AJAC’s apprenticeship programs.

Steps to becoming an AJAC apprentice
Identify an employer AJAC partners with and apply for an open position.
Talk with your supervisor to receive company approval for participation.
AJAC will visit your employer to sign our Apprenticeship Agreement.
Once you are registered, AJAC will enroll you in our apprenticeship classes.
Each month, submit your on-the-job training hours through our Apprentice Tracking System.
Upon completion, you will receive AJAC's certificate of completion and a journey-level card in your respective occupation.

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How To Get Started

Launch your career in advanced manufacturing in Washington State through AJAC’s registered apprenticeship programs. Those who meet the minimum qualifications for apprenticeship and possess technical or mechanical skills are in high-demand by companies who partner with AJAC.

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Employers We Work With

AJAC currently partners with over 300 advanced manufacturing companies across Washington State to offer a variety of training opportunities for their incumbent workforce.

AJAC’s apprenticeships are only available to employees of our partnering companies.

Employers Who Offer Apprenticeship