How Does the AJAC Apprenticeship Program Work?

How to Start an Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program in Washington State

You can start an AJAC apprenticeship program at your company in these four simple steps:

Step 1
Sign your company up as a Training Agent
Sign an agreement that specifies the mutual responsibilities of AJAC and the employer.

Step 2
Select your apprentices
AJAC will ask you to determine who and how many people you would like to enroll in the apprenticeship program. AJAC can assist you with identifying:

  • The best option according to your staffing and production needs
  • Prospective new hires that might be a good fit for your company as a new apprentice

Once you select your apprentice candidates, AJAC will verify that the apprentice meets the eligibility requirements. AJAC can assist the apprentice in meeting the eligibility requirements, such as completing their GED.

Step 3
Identify your mentors
Identify mentors for each skill area who are:

  • Considered an expert
  • Interested in sharing their knowledge and skills
  • Eager to help an apprentice grow and learn
  • Willing to evaluate the apprentice’s skill level

You can post this flyer at your company to help recruit mentors. The person selected does not need to remain a mentor for the entire length of the program.

Step 4
Implement your On-the-Job Training (OJT) System or ask AJAC to help develop the system
A critical component of AJAC’s program is to rotate the apprentice throughout your machine shop on all equipment associated with the trade, enabling him/her to learn all of the required skills.

Now the learning can begin!
Apprentices will begin tracking their OJT hours and register for class. AJAC:

  • Tracks the apprentice’s progress to ensure that he/she is meeting course and OJT requirements
  • Shares this information on an ongoing basis with the employer and the apprentice

To start an AJAC apprenticeship program at your company, contact AJAC at: 206-764-7940 or or online.