5 Questions With Adan Meza

Meet AJAC's New Student Success Advisor

5 Questions with Adan Meza | AJAC Student Success Advisor


What is your proudest career moment?

One of my proudest moments took place back in 2019. I was assisting a student who moved from England. Not familiar with America’s school system or culture, he performed horribly in class and exams upon arriving. Throughout the course of a year, we worked on evaluating his current situation to determine his steps to apply for admission into college. This involved numerous things such as: one-on-one meetings, family meetings with his mom, recommendation letters, and a custom academic action plan for his senior year. In the end, I was elated to hear he was admitted into majority of his colleges.

If You Could Master One Skill You Don’t Have Right Now, What Would It Be?

I would love to learn how to code. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with computers and how things function. I have an “engineering” mindset where I like to take things apart and know how they’re constructed from the foundation – up. One curiosity of mine is to build a report, system, or application from scratch.

What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod/iTunes/Spotify?

I have lots of songs so I can’t just choose one. In no specific order, my top 3 recently are:

  • Juanes – Para Tu Amor
  • Maluma – Hawaii (feat. The Weeknd)
  • John Mayer – Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (I freakin’ LOVE the guitar in this song!)

If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be?

When I’m choosing a place to travel, it has to have 3 things: delicious food, rich history/culture and nice weather. I really want to visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I’ve heard nothing but great things so hopefully in the next year or two!

Would You Rather Be A Jack Of Many Trades Or A Master Of One?

I gotta go with the jack of many trades. I’ve always enjoyed learning. Whether it’s picking up new skills or filling my brain with random information or trivia, I want to be versatile. Never do I want to be confined in a box or labeled as just one thing.


A little about myself...

I’ve joined the AJAC team with 7 years experience in student recruitment, relationship building and communication strategies. Serving in many roles at Eastern Washington University, my most recent position was a Senior Admissions Advisor. My role at AJAC is to assist many student from various backgrounds such as: first generation, underrepresented groups, adult learners and more.

Born and raised in Toppenish, WA, I’m is a proud alumnus of Eastern Washington University – earning B.S. in Technology Manufacturing. I also serve on my fraternal Alumni Board as a Regional Director improving processes, policy, and recruitment.