5 Questions with Creed Tremaine Nelson

5 Questions with Creed Tremain-Nelson

Meet AJAC's New Youth Apprenticeship Manager

5 Questions with Creed Tremain-Nelson

Meet AJAC's New Youth Apprenticeship Manager

Creed was recently hired by AJAC to become our state’s new Youth Apprenticeship Manager, filling the shoes of our former colleague Tracey Turcotte who moved out of state this past summer. 

Having taught AJAC’s Youth Apprenticeship Program at Lindbergh High School, Creed will work with all of our existing school partners to ensure facilities and equipment are maintained, instructors are set-up for success, and students are on a pathway to journey-level certification.

Prior to his 20 year stint in the Renton School District, Creed ran his own cabinetry/custom furniture business for 15 years. Outside of work, you can catch Creed cycling around Whidbey Island or cheering on his hometown Seattle Mariners!

Meet Creed...

What is your proudest career moment?
For me the proudest moments of my career as a teacher was having my students come back years after they graduated and them sharing with me the success they are having in their careers. My goal as an educator was to teach students the skills needed to work in industry, either in manufacturing or in the building trades, and to hear back from students on how they are progressing was always my highlight. This past school year I took a group of current students to the Kenworth Truck factory in Renton for a tour, and the number of former students that are now working at Kenworth that came up to me to say hi and to thank me was really touching.

What will your new role at AJAC include?
My new role at AJAC will include going to visit all our Youth Apprenticeship programs and to tour the facilities, meet the instructors, and to work with the students to make sure they are getting what they need to be successful. Having taught the Youth Apprenticeship program for the past four years, I will be able to answer any questions the instructors have about the program, and to let the students know what an amazing opportunity they have available to them. I’ll also get to see all the cool machines the other facilities have, that’s the part I’m really excited to learn!

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love being active outdoors, and my favorite activities are kayaking, hiking and road biking. When I’m not outdoors doing those activities, I listen to a lot of music on my record player. I never got rid of any of my vinyl, so I am always adding to my collection. I love going to concerts, and this summer I’m going to see Blues legend Buddy Guy, and punk-poet Patti Smith. I also LOVE Baseball, and I follow the Mariners pretty avidly. Last season was amazing, I hope they can make another run to the playoffs here at the end of the year.  Lastly, I’m a huge follower of the Tour de France and I wake up each morning in July at 5:00am to watch the Tour! Viva la tour!

What’s one thing about you that would surprise me?
I volunteered for two years at Woodland Park Zoo as a Gorilla keeper’s aid! It was so amazing getting to work with the Gorillas and to get to feed them and to work with them. I would get to the zoo early and prepare their morning meals and get to feed them in their inside spaces. It was always amazing how gentle they would be: we would feed them blueberries, and these HUGE hands would pick up blueberries one at a time and eat them.

What fad do you wish would come back? Which do you feel should stay gone forever?
Bell bottom pants! I was always a big fan of bell bottoms, the bigger the bell the better. Bring back the bell bottoms! The fad I hope stays away forever are the five toed shoes, the rubber shoes that your toes fit in like rubber gloves for your feet. I just never got that one!


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