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Sierra Pacific Industries Celebrates Their Youth Apprentices

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“Shelton’s Fab Shop is providing employment opportunities to  local high school students by partnering with a youth apprentice program. AJAC is an industry-driven apprenticeship organization focused on providing on-the-job experience through internships for both youth and adults in key industries like Automation & Machinery, Clean Energy, Transportation & Logistics, Wood & Paper, among other areas. The AJAC serves Washington state, partnering with 15 school districts, 12 community colleges and close to 300 companies.

“I honestly believe this is a real solution for many of the problems we are facing in our industry,” said Darrin Moorcroft, Shelton Manager. “We have never had an opportunity to work so closely with schools and students; we can see the benefit. We are already seeing added value for them as learners, and to us as a business. They have been successful in completing projects and we have lots of excitement on the shop floor.”

Students pursuing this program first have the opportunity to tour and learn about participating companies to get an idea of where they are most interested in working. Shelton’s Fab Shop sparked interest in many students and ultimately three apprentices were brought on board – Kaleb, Brandon and Sonny. Shelton Fab partners with the Aberdeen and Shelton Sawmill later in the program and these divisions also contribute
to the selection of student apprentices.”


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