Manufacturing Day Opens Doors for The Next Generation


The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee partnered with Training Agent Buyken Metal Products for the third annual Manufacturing Day in Kent, Washington. Over 40 students from Kentridge High School and Kent Phoenix Academy were ushered into one of Kent’s longest-standing manufacturing facilities. The students were provided a hands-on tour of Buyken’s shop floor to better understand the entire manufacturing process, from concept to production to quality control. Each student built a miniature metal airplane and learned first-hand how all of Buyken’s state-of-the-art equipment is utilized on a daily basis.


The next stop on the tour was a presentation of AJAC’s advanced manufacturing apprenticeship programs including interactive videos to better help the students develop a well-rounded perspective on career-based training. Buyken also provided a presentation of their company highlighting their suppliers and how all of the moving parts within the facility work seamlessly together.

Lastly, the students participated in the Marshmallow Challenge – an activity which teaches individuals team work, planning, and execution.


Manufacturing Day is a growing grassroots movement of manufacturers dedicated to overcoming the shares challenges facing manufacturers today. It provides an opportunity to raise and address several issue by simply exhibiting what they to do visitors curious about manufacturing. Through this collective effort, Manufacturing Day draws public attention to manufacturing’s present-day reality and encourages job seekers to develop the skill they need to qualify for long-term careers in this secure and growing sector of the economy.

Check out more photos from AJAC’s Manufacturing Day event on our Flickr or Facebook Pages.


Aaron Ferrell, October 7, 2016


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