Shawn Burkhart | 5 Questions with AJAC

5 Questions with Shawn Burkhart

Meet AJAC's New Office & Logistics Coordinator

5 Questions with Shawn Burkhart

Meet AJAC's New Office & Logistics Coordinator

Shawn comes to AJAC with over 7 years of nonprofit experience with the YMCA where he worked as the Membership Lead while also earning his Business and Logistics degree at Tacoma Community College. He has worked in the service industry for the past 8 years. Most recently, he was a career firefighter before transitioning back to nonprofit here at AJAC.

In his free time, Shawn loves spending time with his wife, 3 daughters, and their dog Stout. He stays active by running and participating in racing events around the great Northwest. He loves sports, traveling, and going to concerts.

Meet Shawn...

What’s Your Greatest Achievement & How Has It Shaped You?

Without a doubt, becoming a stepfather of 2 young girls and now having a baby girl of my own have really shaped me beyond words. They have forced me to at least appear like I’ve grown up a bit. In all seriousness, They gave me a new lease on life and a purpose I never knew existed and everything I do is with their best interest in mind.

What’s the Best Part of Your Job So Far?

This might sound cliché but the people and team we have here. Since day one, they’ve been more than welcoming and there is a real familial atmosphere. I look forward to coming in to work everyday and sharing stories/laughs with coworkers and knowing that we are all working together to accomplish the same goal.

What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

I love sports and use to work for the Rainiers, so I always enjoy taking in a ballgame. I am a huge movie and music geek, so I’ll never say ‘no’ to a concert or movie night. Other than that, I stay active and have always been a runner. You can catch me at several running/racing events throughout the year.   

What’s the #1 Most Played Song on Your iPod/iTunes/Spotify?

Probably something by Brandi Carlisle; either ‘The Joke’ or ‘Letter to The Past’ (which reminds me of my baby girl) I’m a huge fan of Brandi and always love when she puts new music out.

If You Could Travel Anywhere in The World, Where Would It Be?

My answer was always Rome, but I was fortunate to go there on my honeymoon. So now I would say Venice, Ireland, or Spain…anywhere in Europe really.


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